Free Meal Plan: Scott’s Tex Mex Garden Salad

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Sharing is Caring!

Veggies, veggies, and more veggies are the word this week! Whether it’s a quickly seared fish on the barbeque, a light salad or quick cooking pot of soup, these recipes will keep you from slaving in a hot kitchen, but still eating healthy and deliciously!


If there’s anything I’ve learned about having a food blog, it’s that you have to have wonderful photos. This picture over at The Herbed Kitchen caught my attention immediately, so much so that I had to refrain from licking my computer screen. Juicy halibut, marinated in soy, cider vinegar and honey, topped with aioli with mint, coconut, wasabi….YUM! It’s on my list of “must try soon” recipes

Halibut with a Dash of Wasabi


It’s funny how you meet people on the Internet. I’ve worked with Annie’s uncle, and he gave me the link to her site, where she has this wonderful salad recipe. It’s a perfect meal for the deck, paired up with barbequed meats or just on it’s own. Stop on by Sensible Living and say hello-there are some really fantastic photos, and lots of vegan/vegetarian recipes. You’ll be glad you did!

Quinoa and Black Bean Salad


cauliflour cheese soup
We came home from a week away and there was a head of cauliflour kicking around in the crisper, so what better to make than soup? Crumbled, salty bacon on top makes it extra yummy. Jake cleaned his bowl and declared it delicious. What I love is that besides the cheese, there’s no extra milk in it for those with lactose intolerant tummies.

Cauliflower Cheese Soup Topped with Bacon


shrimp caesar
One of the easiest dinners ever, this doesn’t require links or a long recipe. Just get a head of romaine lettuce, an Et, Tu? Caesar Salad kit, and mix it up. Top with grilled chicken or cooked shrimp, serve with crusty buns, and you have a delicious dinner without having to really do any cooking at all.


So, I have this friend who is an amazing gardener and whose yard is overflowing with the best produce you can imagine that I get to tend to over the next two weeks.

Scott’s Garden Tex Mex Salad

Sharing is Caring!

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