Free Meal Plan: Quinoa Salad

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Spring is supposed to be here, but as Mother Nature figures out what she’s doing, the weather can change from balmy to snowy in a nanosecond, as I experienced last week in Toronto.   Hearty soups, pots of beans and creamy casseroles are on the menu this week, along with a orange stir fry that rivals take out and a healthy chicken quinoa salad.  Leftovers can be tucked into lunchboxes and enjoyed the next day, which saves you a step first thing in the morning!



Free Meal Plan: Just Like Panda Express Orange ChickenIf you love take out but want to save money and calories on dinner, check out The Family Kitchen on Babble Food. There, you’ll find a recipe for Orange chicken that is just like take out, but you can make it at home! I love stir fries, they are so much easier to adapt for the kids and other sort of picky eaters in your home (like my husband!)

Just Like Panda Express Orange Chicken

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Free Meal Plan: Aromatic Autumn SoupWho cares that the title says ‘autumn’ soup, this soup from Ordinary Day looks fantastic anytime of year! I love spicy things and this would be great slipped into a lunchbox with some naan bread on the side. With lentils, chick peas and rice, this soup will keep tummies full until dinnertime.

Aromatic Autumn Soup

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Free Meal Plan: Texas Baked BeansBlonde Mom Blog declares that beans shouldn’t be naked, and these sure aren’t-dressed up with some ground beef and a tasty sauce, they sound perfect to be served with a side salad and some crusty bread to sop up the sauce on a cool day. It may be spring but last week when I was in Toronto, it was snowing!

Texas Baked Beans

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Free Meal Plan: TacoroniFamily Feed Bag is a new blog find of mine from right across the Georgia Strait and I can’t believe I didn’t know Amy sooner! I love this recipe that combines the great flavors of tacos and macaroni and cheese. Yum! This hearty casserole is something I’m sure your kids will love.


Photo copyright Family Feed Bag, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Quinoa SaladHave you tried quinoa before? Closely related to beets and spinach, it’s considered a pseudo cereal because it’s not a member of the grass family. The seeds are cooked much like cous cous, and delicious in side dishes and salads.

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Quinoa Salad

Sharing is Caring!

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