Free Meal Plan: Pasta E Fagioli

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By now the Easter chocolate in our house has been consumed, and after all that rich food we’re looking for something a little lighter.  Time to break out the barbecue, maybe?  Don’t worry if the snow is still flying where you are, this week I found a great recipe you can make in your oven.  All the dishes this week are full of flavor; with some so chock full of veggies you won’t have to worry about your kids getting their fair share!  They also would make some really fantastic leftovers to take for lunches, so make sure to tuck away the extras to take to work or send in a lunch box.



Free Meal Plan: Barbecue ChickenThe weather is warming up, which usually means that people here on the West Coast break out their barbecues and start grilling. Don’t worry if the snow is still flying where you are, Ree over at The Pioneer Woman has an amazing looking barbecue chicken recipe that you can whip up in your oven. Who says you have to wait until the snow is gone before you can enjoy sticky, sweet, delicious chicken?

Barbecue Chicken

Photo copyright LifeSuperCharger, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Sweet Potato Aloo GobiI love Indian food, and with no place nearby to get good take out, it usually means I’m cooking my own. Canadian chef Michael Smith solves that problem easily, with this great recipe. Aloo Gobi is a vegetarian dish, so you could serve it alongside some meat if you wish, or just enjoy it on it’s own with some naan bread and steamed rice.

Sweet Potato Aloo Gobi

Photo copyright Muffet, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Roasted Tomato and Avocado SandwichesThe last few weeks, everywhere I went it seemed as though chefs were extolling the deliciousness of slow roasted tomatoes. Between John Bishop, Jamie Oliver, and various blogs, I knew that I just had to try them over on Chasing Tomatoes. According to Jamie Oliver, this dish is often served in Australian cafes for breakfast, but my family loved it as a light dinner.

Roasted Tomato and Avocado Sandwiches

Photo copyright Karen Humphrey, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon, Leeks and ThymeCreamy, cheesy pasta dishes are one of my favorites, and if you pair it up with bacon and leeks I’d be at the table, spoon in hand! Pinch my Salt has the right idea with this recipe, even incorporating two kinds of cheese just to make it extra yummy. Serve it with a light tossed salad to balance out the richness, and enjoy.

Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon, Leeks and Thyme

Photo copyright Emily Levenson, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Pasta E FagioliSoup is a staple in our house throughout the week; for a quick dinner, thawed and reheated for lunch boxes, it’s an easy and quick way to use up vegetables left over in the crisper. This one is chock full of healthy beans, whole wheat pasta and veggies to fill hungry little bellies.

Pasta E Fagioli

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