Free Meal Plan: Italian Roasted Chicken with White Wine and Potatoes

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Part of the fun of writing this article every week is that I get to discover new food blogs in the process. These amazing ladies not only have mouthwatering food on their sites, but they are fantastic writers and photographers as well. I have bookmarked each site myself to explore when I need foodie inspiration! Make sure to click through to the sites and explore, you’ll find tons of inspiration at each site.



Great for someone who is watching carbs, this recipe from the Cookin’ Canuck ditches the usual wrap and uses lettuce as the wrap intead. What a great way to include even more veggies! You can use this recipe as an appetizer or an entree.

Pork Hoisin Wraps



From Kids to Car Keys isn’t a food blog, but once Shannan mentioned this recipe on Twitter, the masses asked her to blog it. Chicken breasts rolled with ham and cheese inside, then baked in the slow cooker with a sauce from a can of cream of mushroom soup make this easy and delicious. Try serving it with pasta and a tossed salad.

Crockpot Chicken Cordon Bleu



La Fuji Mama has been featured everywhere you can think of-Oprah.com, Pioneer Woman, TLC.com, and more. I’m so honored to feature her here as well!

This recipe is so easy, you’ll be dining on pulled pork in no time flat-tuck it in a sandwich, wrap, or just eat it with a side dish. YUM.

Slow Cooker Kaluah Pig



Jodi over at Mommy Mayhem’s Recipe Box is from Australia, and in Australia, pumpkin is used for more than just pie and Halloween pumpkins. This soup looks amazing! Use a fresh pumpkin from the farmer’s market-I don’t think canned would work. If you can’t find pumpkin, how about butternut squash?

Pumpkin Coriander Soup



This recipe is probably one of my easiest, and yet a very tasty way to serve roasted chicken and potatoes. All you do is brown the chicken and potatoes, then bake it in the oven with white wine and sage.

Italian Roasted Chicken with White Wine and Sage

Sharing is Caring!

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