Free Meal Plan: Chicken Pot Pie

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have good food, as this week’s meal plan proves.  Soups, pastas, and leftover meats can be stretched into something yummy!  Many of the dishes keep well and make great leftovers too, so your family can enjoy them the next day or you can take a bit of a break in the kitchen.  Now that is how I love to cook!



Free Meal Plan: Noodle Bowl For TwoWith Valentine’s Day upon us, why not have a little noodle bowl for two? This soup looks healthy, delicious, and low fuss. What I love is the versatility, you can use whatever leftover meat you have, and change up the veggies. Written by guest blogger Worth the Whisk, make sure you check out both her blog and La Fuji Mama for some really delicious Japanese food!

Patti’s Udon Noodle Bowl for Two

Photo copyright Worth the Whisk, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Salmon CakesSalmon Cakes are one of my family’s favorite dinners, and they are so easy to make-as well as really easy on the wallet! The Best Mom on the Block serves hers up with a yummy herb cream sauce as well. Paired up with a nice green salad, they make a super light dinner, lunch, or even a great addition to a lunch box.

Salmon Cakes With Herb Cream Sauce

Photo copyright @caffinated_mom, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Creamy Chicken PaprikaI love a good pasta dish, don’t you? Over on Chasing Tomatoes I recently tried a delicious, slow cooked paprika chicken that had my family’s mouths watering. What I loved about this was the family member that didn’t want pasta could have just the chicken with a salad instead, if he wanted. This was amazingly good and made lots of leftovers for the next day, too!

Creamy Paprika Chicken and Pasta

Photo copyright Karen Humphrey, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Spiced Butternut Squash & Carrot SoupBecca over at Live, Love, Food and Me came up with this soup the other night, and it looks SO delicious! I love squash-and the idea of squash and carrot together sounds so yummy and healthy. Kids who might not otherwise eat these kinds of veggies often will dunk breadsticks into soup, so it might be a great way to get them to eat it.

Spiced Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup

Photo copyright Becca Masters, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Chicken Pot PieWould you believe that I had never made traditional pastry topped chicken pot pie before this recipe? I’ve never been a fan of pastry, and so I always topped it with biscuits. This recipe intrigued me, and a few weeks ago I decided to try it.

Chicken Pot Pie

Sharing is Caring!

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