Free Meal Plan: Chicken Pesto Tortellini

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How did it get to be March already? Take a break from the heavier winter fare with some of these lighter meals. From a make your own taco night to a quick pasta toss and a smothered baked chicken, there’s lots to choose from!


spicy beef tacos

What’s better than a make your own taco night? Serve up all the fixings on the side with the spicy meat filling, and let everyone load up. The meat can be made ahead and frozen if you are short on time. It’s not too spicy, just enough to make it delicious.

Spicy Beef Tacos

Spanish rice and beans


chicken noodle soup

The flu was making it’s way through our house in February, and this soup became a mainstay in my freezer. It’s so easy, and if you want to use your crockpot to make the broth it is far more nutritious. There’s far less salt that way, too! Pair it up with some open faced tomato and cheese sandwiches toasted under the broiler, and you’re good to go. It also is fantastic in a lunch thermos.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Open faced Toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches


smothered BBQ chicken

No need for a BBQ with this recipe, as you bake succulent pieces of chicken in a spicy sauce. The leftovers are fantastic; I love the shredded meat in wraps, sandwiches, or over salads. This is a great cook once, eat twice kind of meal!

Smothered BBQ Chicken

Tossed Salad

Home Fries


proscuitto arugula toasts

Inspired by Food Network Canada, Jake and I couldn’t resist trying our own versions of these sandwiches. Salty feta, shaved parmesan and arugula make for a delicious light dinner or lunch. They are a bit messy to eat, but we didn’t notice. Instead we licked our fingers and greedily ate every single bite.

Prosciutto Arugula Toasts

Yam fries

Fruit salad


chicken pesto tortellini

This is an original recipe that I came up with one night after digging through the cupboard trying to figure out what to eat. Jake loved it so much that he kept picking at the bowl! I would love to learn how to make my own pesto but since basil is out of season right now, a good jarred variety will do. Serve it with a nice tossed salad.

Pesto Chicken Pasta

1 package of your favorite tortellini (I use Rosemary chicken filled)

1 whole chicken breast, cut into small-ish cubes

1/2 sweet red pepper, chopped

2 cups of cauliflower, cut into small florets

1 shallot, peeled, cut in 1/2 and sliced

a jar of really good quality pesto sauce

Cook your pasta according the package directions until it is el dente. Drain and rinse with cold water. Set aside.

In a frypan with a little olive oil, cook up your chicken breast and shallots until the chicken is no longer pink and the shallot is soft. Add the red pepper and continue to saute until it’s tender crisp.

Meanwhile, microwave your cauliflour with a little water in the microwave for about 30 seconds or until tender crisp. Drain.

Toss the pasta with the chicken mixture in a large bowl. Spoon pesto over top and toss. You won’t need the pesto, just add as much as you want until it’s well coated. Serve immediately.

Over each plate, shave some generious hunks of parmesan cheese.

Serves 4

*This would probably make a delicious cold salad in the summer, as well.

Sharing is Caring!

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