Free Meal Plan: Chicken Chorizo Stew with Chick Pea

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Spring break is here and the kids are home, so you’re busy.  These Canadian bloggers from one coast to the other have some fast, easy dinner ideas for you, so while you are keeping the kids entertained, dinner will be a breeze.  In fact many are very kid friendly, like a no-knead pizza that you could get kids to top themselves, or five food group meatloaf with a dipping sauce.  For the grown-ups, try my Chicken stew with chorizo and chick peas, which is nice while the last of the winter storms blow through.  Happy Spring!



Free Meal Plan: Leek SoupA Peek Inside the Fishbowl is one of the first blogs I ever read, starting five years ago, and continues to be a favorite of mine today! Home made soup is the best-so much healthier with lower sodium and lots of fresh veggies! Pair it up with some tasty Tuna Salsa roll ups that you can make in only 5 minutes, a salad, or a sandwich. Even better-if you are Canadian, you can drop by Notes From the Cookie Jar and win your very own basket of tuna products from Clover Leaf!

Leek Soup
Tuna Salsa Roll Ups

Photo copyright Andrea Tompkins, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: No Yeast PizzaI love pizza, but at times making the dough from scratch takes a long time because it has to rise. This great recipe from Marilyn at A Lot of Loves lets you mix up the dough, roll it out, top it, and bake in no time at all! You could even give the kids a pre-rolled bit of dough and let them top their own.

No Yeast Pizza

Photo copyright A Lot of Loves, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Four Food Group MeatloafIf you need something that is tasty and comes together fast, Danigirl over at Postcards from the Mother Ship has a great meatloaf recipe for you. I love how it has some veggies, cheddar, then is glazed with a sauce and there’s a little left over for dipping. She recommends serving it with sweet potato fries and garlic balsamic beans on the side, or baked beans and a leafy salad.

Four Food Group Meatloaf

Photo copyright Postcards from the Mothership, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Orange Pepper SteakIf you like easy but want a touch of gourmet, Joy at The Herbed Kitchen has whipped up a quick seared steak, then tops it with a reduction using orange juice and cracked black pepper. Sometimes simple and easy really is best!

Orange Pepper Steak

Photo copyright Postcards from the The Herbed Kitchen, used with permission


Free Meal Plan: Chicken Chorizo Stew With Chick PeasWhat? More chorizo? I know, I know; I’m starting toI think I’m addicted to the spicy sausage. This stew is filling and delicious, just the thing to whip up over spring break for a family meal. The chicken thighs become meltingly tender, and the bits of sausage with the chic peas are pure heaven.

Chicken Chorizo Stew With Chick Peas

Sharing is Caring!

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