Free Meal Plan: Chicken Chorizo Paella

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Versatility is the name of the game this week-with everything from a main that can double as an appetizer for your Christmas party, easy main dishes, slow cooking feed a crowd dishes, to an idea for your Christmas brunch, it’s all here! Take a break from the hectic shopping, parties, and concerts to browse through some of the dishes I’ve rounded up to make my Christmas one of the tastiest on record.


free_meal_plan_french_toast_blueberry_stuffedWhen Vino Luci posted this recipe, I knew exactly what I wanted to make for Christmas morning breakfast. The best part of this recipe is that it’s make ahead-get everything ready, pop in the fridge, and voila! You are good to go! Who says you can’t have this for dinner? Just prep in the morning, off you go to work, and then come home to this delicious baby just waiting to pop in the oven. Fry up some bacon, add a little fruit, and you have one delicious breakfast/dinner waiting for your plate.

Blueberry and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast


free_meal_plan_cornflake-chickenWho doesn’t love fried chicken? This great recipe is an oven “fried” chicken, with lots of crunchy flavor but without all the fat. Dipped first in a seasoned flour, then crushed cornflakes and parmesan, you’ll love how delicious this is. We serve it up with garlic mashed potatoes and a big crunchy salad.

Oven Fried Chicken

Garlic Mashed Potatoes


free_meal_plan_meditteranean_roastDo you have family coming for the holidays? Sometimes the best way to feed a crowd is to put in a roast and then sit back and let the smell fill your kitchen. After long days of shopping, decorating, and wrapping, this amazing roast from the Herbed Kitchen will be a welcome reprieve.

Twisted Mediterranean Roast with Minted Honey Yogurt


Free_meal_plan_spicy_shrimp_jasmine_riceServed with rice and veggies as a main, or by itself as an appetizer, this delicious dish is described by Rachel from A Southern Fairytale as, “plate lickable, tonguegasmically, spoon sucking, fork twirling good.” Now if that doesn’t make you want to dive right in and make it, I’m not sure what more one could do to convince you! I’m adding it to my Christmas Eve appetizer spread-or maybe we’ll just have it for dinner. YUM.

Shrimp Stirfry with Spicy Orange Sauce and Jasmine Rice


free_meal_plan_chicken_paellaComforting and smoky, this deliciously easy rice dish is full of flavor. In fact it was so good that we made it not just once, but twice in the same week because we couldn’t get enough of the spicy sausage flavor.

Chicken Chorizo Paella

Sharing is Caring!

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