Free Meal Plan: Cheesy Turkey Manicotti

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When it’s snowing and cold outside, there’s nothing I like more than some delicious comfort food-cheesy pasta, soups, a good stew, or some turkey leftovers. Here on the West Coast of Canada, the mercury has been falling, but we have been keeping warm with some of these delicious dinner ideas!


meal_plan_french_onion_soupOne Christmas, when I was about 12 I bought my Mom some soup bowls that were perfect for creating big bowls of cheese crusted French Onion soup. Was it a hint? Probably. For as long as I can remember, French Onion has always been my very favorite soup-the rich stringy topping, savory broth, and soft bread just beg to be slurped down on a cold day. Vino Luci has an amazing recipe which I plan to try this winter, and you should too!

French Onion Soup


meal_plan_turkeyCooking for a crowd this Thanksgiving and not sure what to do with the leftovers? Bon Appetit has an entire slideshow dedicated to leftovers. Find recipes for turkey empanadas, pot pie, soup, burritos, and more!

Bon Appetit Turkey Leftovers Slide Show


meal_plan_quicheEverything is better with bacon, right? When I added some to these great crustless quiches, they were an instant hit in our house! My guys just wolfed them down, broccoli and all. These make a really quick, low fuss light meal with a tossed salad and some crusty bread.

Bacon Broccoli Crustless Quiche


meal_plan_stewPut your slow cooker to work while you are busy shoveling the sidewalk and whip up this great beef stew from ChickyMara. Beef, wine, and veggies all come together for a succulent, delicious dinner that really takes you no time at all. She has lots of great slow cooker tips in there so make sure you read the entire article!

Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Mushrooms, Parsnips, and Wine


meal_plan_manicottiDelicious for company, this cheesy baked pasta dish has always been a hit at my house. The great thing is that it boasts a bunch of delicious veggies-and if you cut them small using a food processor, the kids won’t even notice!

Cheesy Turkey Manicotti

Sharing is Caring!

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