Free Meal Plan: Beef, Barley, and Corn Salad

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As the weather turns cooler, we all start looking for heartier meals.  While on this week’s menu plan there is a roast and pasta dish, I also included a lighter dinner salad and chicken sandwich to help ease you into the transition of fall.  You might want to experiment a little too, with a new way of cooking or a new ingredient.  Branch out a little from the normal routine-your family might just love you for it!


Free Meal Plan: Cedar Plank Salmon with Maple Ginger GlazeI used to think that cedar plank salmon could only be made on a barbecue, but I was wrong-this recipe uses your oven in a nod to a traditional First Nations cooking method. Here on the West Coast, cedar planks can be found in the seafood section, all ready to be topped with your choice of meat and cooked to perfection. None where you are? Just get a clean, kiln dried piece of cedar, soak it for a few hours, and you are good to go!

Cedar Plank Salmon with Maple Ginger Glaze

Photo copyright Karen Humphrey


Free Meal Plan: Parsnip and pancetta tagliatelle with parmesan and butterDid you know that Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has gone global? If you haven’t signed the petition, go do that right now. Then come back and make this really yummy looking pasta. Pancetta is an Italian bacon-if you can’t find any, probably any bacon would do.

Parsnip and pancetta tagliatelle with parmesan and butter

Photo copyright Clairity


Free Meal Plan: One Pot Roast BeefI love meals that are low fuss, that you can just put in the oven and allow to slowly work their magic, like this roast. Lots of veggies and tender meat makes this an amazing meal to put in the oven and forget about, while the aroma just fills up the house.

One Pot Roast Beef

Photo copyright Crepes of Wrath


Free Meal Plan: Cobb Style Chicken SandwichMy husband loves cobb salad. In fact, he loves it so much that while we were road tripping this summer, I swear he had one in ever place we stopped. The salad may be more summer fare, but you can still enjoy the flavors in the fall with this delicious sandwich!

Cobb Style Chicken Sandwich

Photo copyright Jeffery W


Free Meal Plan: Beef, Barley, and Corn SaladI love this salad. Tender beef, sweet roasted corn, and chewy barley tossed with a lime and cumin dressing is absolutely fabulous and surprisingly filling. I made a mistake and accidentally used paprika instead of chili powder when I first made it, only to realize it right before grilling.

Beef, Barley, and Corn Salad

Photo copyright Karen Humphrey

Sharing is Caring!

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