Free Meal Plan: Beef and Chorizo Slowcooker Chili

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New cookbooks arrived to my house yesterday, much to my delight, and while I haven’t had the chance to cook from them yet, I’m excited to bring you a great recipe from Heidi Swanson in this week’s meal plan. While we aren’t full fledged vegetarians in our house, it seems to be the only food that everyone will eat. This week I have something for everyone-the diehard meat eater, the kids, the vegetarian, and the pasta lover. I hope that you find something in here that your entire family will love-I know that my teenager practically put his entire head in the slowcooker as I made the chili below, inhaled, and then danced around the kitchen. I wonder where he gets that from?



Katie is one of the few fellow food bloggers that I have had the opportunity to meet in real life. While she was in Vancouver to finish off her degree, she dropped by my house for a little Food Revolution TV watching, and brought me her ice cream maker to try. Oh, my. I now need her to take it back before I gain a bunch of weight from eating all the amazing ice cream that we’ve been creating. These Sweet Potato Lentil Quinoa babycakes caught my eye-they sound (and look!) very tasty, as everything I’ve tried from The Muffin Myth is. You can put them in a bun, serve them with a salad, or try with some chutney.

Sweet Potato Lentil Quinoa Babycakes

Photo copyright Katie Trant



Do you struggle with things that your kids will eat? Simply Recipes has a great answer-these easy Apple Chicken Quesadillas have all the flavours kids love, are healthy, and so quick to make. If you or the kids don’t like apple, try substituting pears or even mango with a bit of spicy chicken. I think they would likely make great lunches as well!

Apple Chicken Quesadillas

Photo Copyright Simply Recipes



I met Vanessa Chu last year at Northern Voice, and ever since, we’ve chatted on Twitter. A kick butt web designer, she blogs over at Journal of a Lady Agent and yesterday, tweeted about this amazing dish. I took one look at the photo and almost licked the screen of my iPod. Thankfully, she had the recipe ready to go and blogged it just for all of us so that we can enjoy it too! Definitely on my must cook list. Should be on yours, too.

Pasta with Mussels and Turkey Sausage

Photo copyright Vanessa Chu



My teenager bought me Heidi Swanson’s new cookbook Super Natural Every Day and I must tell you, I haven’t put the thing down yet. Full of amazing looking vegetarian recipes, I’m thrilled that I’ve found a book that possibly everyone in my family will love-which is a miracle, considering that my husband is possibly the pickiest eater on the planet. This recipe from 101 Cookbooks is fast and amazing, using vegetables that you can pick up from the Farmer’s market, and likely will be eaten by everyone in your house too.

Spring Pasta

Photo copyright Muffet


free_meal_plan_beef_chorizo_chiliIt’s no secret that I love chorizo sausage-the smoky, spicy flavour is a favorite in our house. At work the kids were to find a chili recipe and I found this one over on Crepes of Wrath. I didn’t realize that it’s actually made in a slow cooker, which is even better in my opinion!

Photo copyright Karen Humphrey

Beef and Chorizo Slowcooker Chili

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