Free Meal Plan: Balsamic Chicken Salad

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August is a month full of camping, grilling, and cooking outdoors. This week is chock full of ideas on how to keep your kitchen cool, along with some tasty salads, great mains, and a cook once eat twice dinner. Be sure to save some room for ice cream for dessert!



When we moved from Richmond to Vancouver Island, one thing I missed most was sushi. In a north Island town with no take out in sight, I had to learn to make my own. Was it hard? Not at all. The rolling took a little practise, but on a hot day sushi was just the thing to keep from heating up the kitchen. For kids try mild California or cucumber roll!


Miso Soup



This tasty shrimp cocktail is as delicious as it is filling for a light patio dinner. My 14 year old loved the light spiced flour coating on the prawns, while my husband dumped them into a bowl with his salad and ate it all mixed together. This will keep your kitchen cool and you only dirty one pan when you make it!

Jamie Oliver’s Prawns with Old School Marie Rose Sauce



Who says you have to settle for pork and beans when you’re camping? This delicious meal will keep you going long into the evening when it’s time to break out the marshmallows.

Michael Smith’s Campfire Salmon

Smitten Kitchen’s Carrot Salad with Harissa, Feta, and Mint



Try a new way to cook chicken on the barbeque, with tender and juicy results! The chopped salad is adaptable and can be adjusted to suit your tastes, dressed with just a little olive oil and vinegar. Chopping things small allows you to sneak in veggies that the kids might not otherwise give a chance.

Beer Can BBQed Chicken

Jamie Oliver’s Chopped Green Salad



My friend Anne sent me the idea for the salad, and one night when I didn’t really feel like cooking, I threw it together and voila! A really delicious dinner salad.

Anne’s Roasted Potato and Green Bean Balsamic Chicken Salad

Sharing is Caring!

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