5 Recipes for Trying Something Different

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I’m starting to expand my culinary horizons. Trying new things! Experimenting in the kitchen! Getting exotic! This week’s meal plan includes a few new things, like portabella mushroom burgers, curried lamb with mango sauce, and Tex-Mex bean bites – and chili-garlic-BBQ wings to appease the kids at the end of a week of experimentation. For TV night, we’ll need a lot of napkins.


Free Meal Plan: Portabella BurgersCheck out these cheese-stuffed, crusty-coated portabella mushroom burgers! You can skip the grilled summer veggies if you like, since it’s not summer, but the burgers can be done in a cast iron grill pan, or just a heavy skillet. What better way to celebrate Meatless Monday (if you do that sort of thing) than with a big, juicy burger?

Portabella Burgers

Photo credit: Brooke of Cheeky Kitchen


Free Meal Plan: Curried Lamb with Mango SauceIf anyone knows how to make a curry, it’s bestselling cookbook author and Food Network host Bal Arneson. This lamb curry is made with mango juice, and no butter, cream or coconut milk – it’s exploding with flavour, yet easy enough to make on a weeknight.

Curried Lamb with Mango Sauce

Photo credit: Bal’s Quick & Healthy Indian (Whitecap Books)


Free Meal Plan: Tex-Mex Bean BitesThese beany little cups are like round tacos – a fun way to get your family to eat more beans. Try swapping kidney beans with navy beans or black beans – or try soaking and cooking dried beans you don’t even recognize.

Tex-Mex Bean Bites

Photo credit: SaskPulse.com


Free Meal Plan: Chili Garlic BBQ-Sauced WingsKids (and grownups) who aren’t much into experimentation will be happy to see sticky chicken wings on the menu tonight – with a big salad, they’re perfect to nibble in front of TV or the hockey game.

Chili Garlic BBQ-Sauced Wings

Photo credit: Brooke of Cheeky Kitchen


Bacon Mac and Cheese RecipeIt’s about time for a dose of bacon-y comfort food, isn’t it? Homemade mac & cheese is always better than store-bought – and a few strips of bacon puts it over the top! Serve with a big green salad for a simple cold weather Friday night family dinner.

Bacon Mac & Cheese

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