Free Meal Plan: Bacon & Egg Pizza

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This week I feel like getting a bit creative, and plan to stagger those experimental dishes with items that are more familiar, to appease the kids. Spicy Beef Korma one night, sticky-sweet chicken drumsticks the next – quinoa salad for meatless Monday and then cheesy baked turkey enchiladas – everyone’s happy when you take turns!


Free Meal Plan: Quinoa Salad with Curry-Lime VinaigretteQuinoa makes a light, fluffy base for a salad, providing fibre, protein and nutrients along the way. Add whatever veggies your family loves and serve it as is, or alongside a simple roasted or pan-fried salmon filet or roasted chicken from the deli.

Quinoa Salad with Curry-Lime Vinaigrette

Photo credit: Gwendolyn of Patent and the Pantry


Free Meal Plan: Turkey & Kale EnchiladasKale is ridiculously good for you, chock full of antioxidants, fibre and loads of vitamins, with very few calories. It can be hard to take though – but it wilts down into this cheesy dish easily, particularly after being sliced into thin ribbons. Beautiful and good for you!

Turkey & Kale Enchiladas

Photo credit: Jan of Family Bites


Free Meal Plan: Beef KormaA delicious mixture of beef, tomatoes, chickpeas, spices and coconut milk simmered on the stove, this will appeal to curry lovers and make your house smell wonderful. Serve it with steamed rice; leftovers are great for lunch the next day.

Beef Korma

Photo credit: Family Feedbag


Free Meal Plan: Sticky Chicken DrumsticksKids love sticky chicken drumsticks. (And I admit it – so do I!) They’re inexpensive, easy to make, and the plate can be filled with bagged salad, veggie sticks, apple slices – whatever you have in the fridge that the kids like. We serve ours on a long tray and call it a platter – the kids are thrilled!

Sticky Chicken Drumsticks

Photo credit: Jan of Family Bites


Free Meal Plan: Bacon & Egg PizzaFriday is traditionally pizza night – but that doesn’t necessarily mean take-out. Start with good quality pitas, naan, other flatbreads or even, yes pizza dough – and make your own. Personal-sized bacon and egg pizzas will be a hit, particularly if you let the yolk ooze out onto your plate. A big green salad or Caesar will round out your easy Friday night breakfast for dinner.

Bacon & Egg Pizza

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Sharing is Caring!

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