Soup Recipes: Warm Up with These 3 Vegetable Soup Recipes

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There’s something comforting about soup.  Along with warming up my insides on a cold, crisp fall day, eating soup also brings back memories of my childhood.  Serve a little fall harvest up for dinner this week with these 3 hearty vegetable soup recipes.

Parsnip Ginger SoupRed Lentil Vegetable Soup Recipe

The parsnip adds a wonderful warm yellow colour to this soup and the ginger, natures’s natural remedy, will help to boost your immunity.

Red Lentil Vegetable Soup

Winter vegetables, like carrots and corn and beans, add a medley of colour to this veggie soup. The nice thing about this vegetable soup is you can add the vegetables you have on hand.

Carrot Soup

Pumpkins. Falling leaves. The colour of orange permeates the season of fall and you can serve it up with this nice colourful orange carrot soup.

What soup brings back childhood memories for you? What vegetable soup do you enjoy during the fall?

Sharing is Caring!

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