Kelloggs’s Rice Krispies Holiday Ornament Edible Gifts

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Holiday baking is a tradition in our family. In the past our baking has been something we’ve made for us to enjoy but this year we supplemented our gifts by creating Kelloggs’s Rice Krispies Holiday Ornaments.

Rice Krispies cutouts are a holiday treat my kids love to make (and eat) since they’re so easy to make. But then we saw this Rice Krispies Holiday Ornament idea and thought they would make nice little gifts to give to the grandparents, an edible gift from the kids.

Rice Krispies cereal Holiday Ornament design

What You’ll Need

  • 6 cups (1.5 litre) Kellogg’s* Rice Krispies* cereal
  • 250g (1 pkg) Marshmallows
  • 1/4cup (50ml) Butter or Margarine
  • 2ml (1/2 tsp) Vanilla extract
  • Red licorice string
  • Red and white fondant and silver dragees, available at cake decorating supply shops, crafting or grocery stores
  • Ruler, bamboo skewer, pizza cutter, rolling pin and paint brush
  • Wrapping: cello bags, ribbon, and mini decorative bulbs – available at local crafting stores


Make the Rice Krispies Base

  1. 1. In a large microwave safe bowl, heat margarine and marshmallows at HIGH for 3 minutes, stirring after 2 minutes
  2. 2. Stir in vanilla. Stir inKellogg’s* Rice Krispies* cereal until well coated. Allow mixture to cool slightly; form into shape


Shape the Ornament

  1. 1. Form Kellogg’s* Rice Krispies* cereal mixture into half balls, leaving space in the centre
  2. 2. Poke a small hole in a piece of fondant with bamboo skewer and thread with your red licorice to make the loop for hanging
  3. 3. Place the loop inside the ball and add more Kellogg’s* Rice Krispies* mixture to close the ball around the licorice so the loop sticks out; add more mixture as needed and mold with hands into ball shape



  1. 1. Roll fondant into a sheet using a rolling pin
  2. 2. With a ruler and pizza cutter, cut fondant into long strips; place onto ornament working your way around,any excess
  3. 3. Use a very small cookie cutter decorating tool to cut out fun shapes from the fondant
  4. 4. Dip the paint brush in some water and brush onto the fondant; sprinkle on silver dragees
  5. 5. Once complete; package the Kellogg’s* Rice Krispies* ornament in a cellophane bag, add the ribbon and the mini decorative bulbs for the perfect holiday gift!

rice krispies holiday ornament making

The kids got creative sticking fondant shapes and strips around their ornaments. When done, they picked their favourites to put in treat bag and we tied them to the outside of the gifts we were giving.

rice krispies holiday ornament finish

Of course the other ornaments never made it to the tree, having been consumed after we tidied up the kitchen. The Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Holiday Ornaments were a nice homemade treat the kids enjoyed giving to their grandparents The decorations on our ornaments weren’t designer looking but the grandparents didn’t care and the kids had fun. Just don’t get hung up on how the finished ornament should look and you’ll have fun too.

You can find a video tutorial for this recipe and other holiday recipes at RiceKrispies.ca.

Recipe and top image reprinted with permission. *© 2012, Trademark of Kellogg Company used under licence by Kellogg Canada Inc.

Sharing is Caring!

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