Cumin & Ginger Shrimp Grilled Cheese

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Yup, fall is definitely here. I’m not complaining. Fall is one of my favourite seasons and it has nothing to do with my birthday. It’s perfect for warm sweaters and cozy socks without the bulky outerwear. The air smells of chimney smoke and the ground is swirling with colourful, crunchy leaves.

It also means soups and stews and wonderful comfort foods. If you were to ask my kids what their favourite comfort food is I think grilled cheese would be on that list, after anything in the chocolate category. So for my last post as a Patak’s Mom (yes, that too is coming to an end) it made sense to try an Indian twist on a grilled cheese.

Pataks Indian Shrimp Grilled Cheese Dinner

I love shrimp. Not only is it easy to make but also it reminds me of our summer in the Florida Pan Handle. The Patak’s Spicy Cumin & Ginger Cooking Sauce for 2 is perfect for a bag of frozen shrimp. You could use fresh but I always have frozen shrimp stocked because it’s an easy dinner fix. After thawing and shelling the shrimp as directed I cooked it within the Spicy Cumin & Ginger Cooking Sauce on the stove.

I then prepared the sandwiches using crispy sourdough bread, buttering just the outside pieces and adding shredded old cheddar to one side with the shrimp placed in a single layer on top. I would recommend placing the shrimp one at a time with a fork to avoid getting too much sauce on the sandwich.

Pataks Indian Shrimp Grilled Cheese cooking

Then I grill them on the stovetop until the cheese is melted. Perfect! The kids devoured these with a side salad. The Spicy Cumin & Ginger Cooking Sauce added a nice bit of heat to a traditional grilled cheese too.

Having Patak’s cooking sauces and curries in my pantry makes it easy to toss together a quick meal like these Indian spiced grilled cheese sandwiches. Although I won’t be writing in the role of a Patak’s Mom, I will still enjoy mixing in a little India into my meals.

Disclosure: I am part of the Patak’s Canada Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions and experiences on this blog are my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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