Best Juicing & Smoothie Recipes

Sharing is Caring!

Juicing – love it or leave it, one cannot help but know the health benefits of juicing.  Personally, I love the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables mixed together into one beautiful rainbow of flavours. When my children were wee, they loved the taste as well.  

As it goes, we fell out of the vibrant, alive practice and fell into the frozen zone.  Now, they love the “look” and the “experience” of juicing, but I have my work cut out for me to pull back their taste buds back from the tundra.

True, even I need to pull myself back.  It IS work.  It DOES cost money.  And it is all WORTH it.

Admittedly, smoothies are easier, but still pack a hefty and healthy punch.

These are my fave, go-to-recipes.  Yes, I need recipes.  There are a lot of fruit and veg combos to choose from, and I forget which ones dance nicely together.



Sharing is Caring!

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