Best Beef and Gravy

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Sharing is Caring!

I love beef and gravy.  Mostly, I make gravy from Roast Beef drippings with Yorkshire puddings and the whole shebang.  But in a pinch?  This is a quick, delicious fix that hits makes it the Best Beef and Gravy in my books  And, it’s easy.

Now, I am not a recipe person, at all.  I just throw things into the pot and see what happens, so if you are looking for actual directions, maybe try  But here’s what I do:

best beef and gravy helpers– Cut up your beef

– Heat a mixture of Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic (Or tonight, I used these fancy little numbers: Three Famers Camelina Oil & Edible Gardens Garlic Roasted Balsamic Vinegar – both fantastic.)

– Brown beef on high heat, then turn down to as low as it will go.

– Add (gasp) mushroom soup.

– Simmer and top over something that is really not good for you either, like potatoes, pasta, rice… and the worst of them all, Yorkshire Puddings.

I also have a secret ingredient or two from my Best Roast Beef Gravy I might need to share in another post. 

Sharing is Caring!

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