Food Ideas: S’Mores

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The quintessential summer treat, composed of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate squares, s’mores are a must-make food for many families over the summer months. S’mores are part of the camper’s essential gear, and cottagers keep a well stocked supply of the ingredients on hand for evening roasting.

How to Make a S’more

S’mores don’t require a recipe, but rather a guideline, for preparation.

For each s’more you will require the following:

1 marshmallow
1 square of chocolate
2 graham crackers

Place the marshmallow on a roasting stick or wire from a metal hanger and cook it over the open flame until golden brown. Using your free hand, place one of the graham crackers upside down on your table (or lap, which also works well) and top it with a piece of chocolate. Place your marshmallow on top of the chocolate and sandwich it with the other graham cracker. Press the second cracker down, and remove the wire or stick from the marshmallow. Wait for a second or two, to allow the heat from the marshmallow to melt the chocolate slightly. You’re ready to enjoy your s’more.

S’mores: Alternatives to Grilling

If your summer vacation plans do not involve taking up temporary residence in the great outdoors, s’mores can still be part of your plan. Simply top one of the graham crackers with the chocolate and the marshmallow, and warm in the oven (300 degrees for 4 minutes) or microwave (10-12 seconds on high) until the marshmallow is slightly melted inside. Remove and top with the second cracker.

S’mores: Be Creative

One of the great things about making s’mores is that you can be creative in your construction of the treat. If you don’t have graham crackers on hand, try using other cookies in their place (think Oreos or digestive biscuits). The traditional milk chocolate can be replaced with dark, white, or even coloured chocolate if you have some on hand.

S’mores: More Than Just a Cookie

The popularity of s’mores has inspired many home cooks to use the traditional flavours in creating a myriad of other desserts. There are s’mores cakes, cupcakes and ice cream, as well as fun ideas like s’mores on a stick or s’mores in a jar. We found a few of these s’more recipes for you:

S’mores Cake in a Jar
S’mores Ice Cream
S’mores on a Stick
DIY: S’mores Gift Box
S’mores Cupcakes
Gooey S’mores Squares

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