Food Fun: Extreme Ice Cream Float

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We’re trying to make every day of summer vacation count this year. That’s one reason why we started our Summer BBQ Sunday series, focusing on hanging out as a family in the backyard barbequing. If you’re talking backyard BBQs and family summer fun, then no doubt ice cream is involved.

Ice cream is great in sundaes and on it’s own but it’s also delicious in a glass of soda. Ice cream floats are one of my favourite treats. For me it’s rootbeer but for my husband it has to be cream soda. But we both agree a good float is best with plain vanilla ice cream.

For added fun we decided instead of making individual ice cream floats, we were going to go extreme and make a family fun size float. We love our ice cream. Remember when we had the Kitchen Sink in Disney World? So tasty.

Not quite as extreme as the Kitchen Sink sundae, we did make a super large float with cream soda from the Pop Shoppe (another childhood flashback), simple vanilla ice cream, freshly pitted cherries and a super size float bowl. We happen to have Munktiki’s Forbidden Island bowl which was perfect but even a large mixing bowl would do the trick. It’s not the container but what’s in it that will impress the kids.

extreme ice cream float ingredients

When making our extreme ice cream float I added the pop first and then the ice cream, which my husband of course said was completely backwards. I think adding the pop second gives you more fizz and foam but it all worked out in the end. The Munktiki Forbidden Island bowl we used had a small bowl to burn alcohol in (like a volcano) and the warm alcohol was actual nice with a scoop of ice cream or a cherry (adults only of course).

extreme ice cream float untouched

The kids loved our extreme ice cream float, taking turns drinking with the straw and eating with a spoon. It turned into a bit of a treasure hunt looking for the cherries at the bottom of the bowl.

extreme ice cream float drinkingextreme ice cream float done

By simply serving a family favourite a different way, we created a shared moment beyond just enjoying our individual desserts. Try turning something everyday into something unusual this summer and enjoy! 

Sharing is Caring!

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