A Healthy Version of a Family Classic

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Sharing is Caring!

Being a mom now, I’ve noticed how dishes that were classic comfort food to me growing up are now classics in my own family. Not really a surprise I guess. If something makes you happy, evokes fond memories and feelings of joy, why wouldn’t you want to share that same happiness with your own kids.

There are many food items that stir these feelings in me but the one I’m thinking about at this moment is Toad in a Hole (egg in a hole). You probably know this. It’s a piece of bread with a hole cut in the center and the bread and egg are fried together.I love over easy eggs and toast together so this dish is heavenly in my mind. But, the plan is to try and eat a little healthier this year and that means a little less bread. 

Then I stumbled upon this idea from Shutterbean on Pinterest. I was looking for something completely different and this healthier version of Toad in a Hole caught my eye so I had to try it.


I thought I would miss the bread (I mean we’re talking fried bread) but I think I actually enjoyed the pepper version more than the original. More importantly, my kids enjoyed the pepper version more too. I don’t profess to be good in the kitchen, I’m as far away from domestically inclined as anyone can be, so I’m thrilled when I discover something I can cook that my kids love and that is healthy for them. You just have to remember to cut the pepper slices thick enough to hold the egg and stick with the middle areas where the pepper is wider. Don’t worry if some egg leaks out therough the space between the pepper and the pan; it’s miniscule. The recipe said to add pepper to the eggs but I added rosemary instead (not a big black pepper fan).

And those end pieces of the pepper? Just cook those in the pan and serve on the side with a salad. Nothing goes to waste. It also proves to me that sometimes you can improve on a family classic.

Sharing is Caring!

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