Easy Mini Cinnamon Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Unless we’re celebrating an occasion or my husband does the shopping for the week, we don’t tend to eat a lot of dessert in our home. Usually a piece of fruit or maybe some yogurt will suffice. But sometimes I like to surprise the kids with something fun and these Mini Cinnamon Ice Cream Sandwiches are fun and so easy.

I like easy when it comes to cooking. Sometimes the easiest things are also the most enjoyable. Last summer, as part of our Summer BBQ Sunday series, I made ice cream sandwiches with store bought chocolate chip cookies. They were so easy and everyone loved them.

These Mini Cinnamon Ice Cream Sandwiches are just as easy and tasty. The best part about using the Eggo Waffle Minis is their size. Instead of giving the kids a full size waffle ice cream sandwich, the mini waffles can be broken apart into four smaller ice cream sandwiches. Just toast them up, cut them into their little toast-shape pieces and add a scoop of ice cream in the middle and you’re set.

mini icecream sandwich idea

You could use any ice cream flavour you have on hand but I really loved the mix of vanilla ice cream and the slight cinnamon taste of the Eggo Waffle Minis. The ice cream actually made the waffles a little softer which was wonderful too. Two Eggo Waffle Minis broken into pieces made two mini cinnamon ice cream sandwiches for two children. These were a much smaller dessert but the kids loved the mini size and receiving two of them felt like they were getting extras.

mini icecream sandwich eating

Sure, making the waffles from scratch might have been better for the kids but I would probably never get around to doing that. I have great ambitions sometimes to make homemade treats but usually they stay in the ambition category and don’t move into the completed category.

These Mini Cinnamon Ice Cream Sandwiches are a great treat for playdates or a suprise dessert on a Friday night. Sometimes it’s okay not to make everything from scratch.

Sharing is Caring!

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