Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids

This time of year, you will find moms everywhere scouring the internet for inspiration on healthy lunch ideas.  This was me, last year.  The Laptop Lunch Kit inspired me to start with bento lunches.

Bento Lunch ContainerI found one that works perfect for me! Tupperware’s Lunch N Things Containter.  I bought some silicone baking cups to make my own bento lunch kit.  I would buy this book, however, I have found stacks of wonderful bento lunch ideas for kids online, that I am going to share with you!  You can also find stacks of other lunch ideas for kids in our Back to School section.
Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids
Lunch In a Box
Lunch in a Box was the first bento site that gave me wonderful ideas last year.
Love her ideas, she is so incredibly creative and uses different containers.
What’s for Lunch at Our House
For kids not at school yet, I love how she uses muffin tins at lunch time, great idea!
I love her blog because she fills her bentos with everyday food that even picky eaters will gobble up.
Just Bento
And who knew?  An entire community devoted to Everything Bento.  Fantastic!
Jackie’s Bento Blog
This site offers some ideas for those little ones who have a broad tastes.  Great ideas for those non-picky eaters.
My secret last year: Every morning, I would browse through a file folder of images that I have gathered that I knew would be a hit with the kids.  I would choose foods that we had available to throw into my make-shift bento box.  This year, I will just flip through my fave bento photos on my iPad to save paper.  Here is what I have come up with…
1000’s of Bento Images



Hope this helps you with your school lunch challenges, the bento lunch works for me!  And don’t forget to check out our Back to School section for more great lunch ideas!

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