5 Recipes for Turkey Leftovers

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That large turkey was a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner but what to do with the leftovers? We’ve pulled five delicious ideas from our meal plans to inspire you.

Turkey Leftovers – Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

If you have leftover turkey stashed in your freezer, this is a great use of it – in a cozy take on shepherd’s pie topped with mashed potatoes that makes a great weeknight meal.

Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Photo credit: Aimee of Simple Bites

Turkey Leftovers – Turkey Chili Recipe

Chili is just the thing on a cool fall day, and this Turkey Chili recipe is a staple in Karen’s house. It’s very quick to make and you can sub ground beef for the turkey, if you wish!

Scattered Mom’s Turkey Chili


Raw Veggies and dip

Busy Mom Tip: Make this ahead and freeze in single sized servings for lunches or the weekend, ready to pull out, thaw and heat up.

Photo credit: Karen of Chasing Tomatoes

Turkey Leftovers – Turkey Spinach Meatloaves Recipe

Does meatloaf sound boring to you? Even fattening, possibly? Karen spent a Saturday morning watching Cook Yourself Thin on Food Network Canada, and these turkey meatloaves caught her eye. She especially likes the fact that they are pre-portioned, and they are really very tasty!

Turkey Spinach Meatloaves

Photo credit: Karen of Chasing Tomatoes

Turkey Leftovers – Turkey and Chickpea Stew

This one-dish stew is loaded with nutrient-rich legumes and small pasta shapes – anything you have in the pantry will do. The original calls for cubed raw chicken, but since you stir it in toward the end anyway, leftover chopped turkey works just as well. Serve warm, topped with grated Parmesan cheese with a chunk of crusty bread and a green salad.

Chicken or Turkey & Chickpea Stew

Photo credit: Saskatchewan Pulse Growers

Turkey Leftovers – Cranberry Stuffed Turkey Meatballs Recipe

Julie’s sister makes meatballs out of ground turkey and stuffing year-round, and serves them with cranberry sauce for dipping. It’s her kids’ favourite – reminiscent of the meatballs with lingonberry sauce you get at IKEA. These babies caught Julei’s eye not only because they feature the same flavours, but because kids love anything stuffed with something else. And especially meatballs. These will let you use up the last of those Thanksgiving ingredients still lingering in your fridge.

Cranberry-stuffed Turkey Meatballs

Photo credit: Family Feedbag

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