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Sharing is Caring!

As mothers we are bombarded with messages everywhere on how we should be and what we should do. No one likes to feel like the outsider, the one doing everything wrong. That’s where EverythingMom enters the picture.

Born from Michelle’s experience as a daughter of a difficult mother and her desire to help other mothers, EverythingMom is about feeling happy with who you are and how you’re raising your families without fear, doubt, and discouragement.

Carrie Anne is one such mother, tired of feeling she’s not doing things right just because her ways may be different, tired of hearing stories from other mother’s feeling like they’re not living up to everyone’s expectations.

Both have the same goal of supporting EverythngMom’s happy and positive messaging. If they were feeling this way, there must be other mothers feeling the same. No mother should feel she has to do or be anything different than what works for her. Everything is giving up the perception that we need to be the perfect shape or conform to one-size-fits-all. We are all flawed, with some cracks. There are truths we’re hiding from our kids and our home’s aren’t perfect.  But we are still beautiful, all of us, flaws and all.

Michelle and Carrie Anne don’t profess to have all the answers but they are surrounded by a very knowledgeable community, that includes you. EverythingMom loves to share your ideas and inspiration too, whether that’s craft ideas using recycled material  or quinoa salad recipes. Sometimes we’ll even share two sides to a story to help us all understand the varied points of view out there. EverytingMom also wants to give moms a place to share their thoughts and experiences with other mothers.

Raising kids isn’t all about stress and doubt, though some days it can feel like that, there’s also a lot of fun, from reading books together to your enjoying a family vacation.

After 9 years of creating EverythingMom, Michelle and Carrie Anne still believe and live the underlying message of EverythingMom, to follow your heart and live the life you want with your family. It is this belief that has Michelle taking the next step, bringing her experience to Digital Strategy Design.  

Carrie Anne never intended on being a mom or getting married but life has a way of revealing new opportunities and experiences if you open your eyes and heart. With a background in advertising and a passion for writing, Carrie Anne loves sharing experiences as the content creator and curator for EverythingMom.

Her creative thinking, honesty, and ability to balance a brand’s needs with what is relevant with EverythingMom readers has lead to great partnerships on the site, including being the first parenting blog included in American Express Canada’s ambassadorship program in 2013 and renewed again in 2014. Her continued writing has garnered EverythingMom as one of Brighter Life’s Favourite Family Writers for 2013 and a monthly contributor to well known toy company Melissa and Doug’s parenting blog.

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Sharing is Caring!