50 Best And Unique Gifts For Single Moms

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A single mom is selfless, strong, and full of love. She will stretch herself thin and do everything that she can for her family, even if that means disregarding her own needs. Single mom life is often very challenging and tiring, to say the least. It’s not easy, particularly when it comes to time, finances, and emotions.

Although she may not show it or talk about it, there is a lot she goes through on a daily basis, and the only reason she keeps going on is because of the endless and unconditional love she has for her children.

This is one of the many reasons why she deserves to receive many presents from her children.

Spoil the single mothers in your life with great gifts that will bring them joy and uplift their spirits. The gesture will definitely brighten her day and make a mark on her in the best way possible. The thoughtfulness and care that you express by giving her something or doing something for her will make her feel cared for and loved.

Check out our list of best and unique gifts for single moms, and choose the right one that will address her needs and make her happy! After all, she deserves it, one hundred percent.

Best Gifts For Single Moms

Best Gifts For Single Moms

Our list of practical, useful, and thoughtful things you can give the single moms you know will definitely make them light up. These best and unique gifts for single moms will meet their needs and pamper and uplift them.

1. Cash


Being a single mom means being the one keeping things afloat in the household and tending to her child’s needs. Compared to a two-parent household, a single mom often only has herself to rely on when it comes to the source of income. This is why, particularly in the beginning, a single mom often has a tighter budget than others, so cash is very much a gift she will appreciate. 

If you know a single parent who is having some financial struggles, even just a small cash gift will go a long way in helping her to pay for bills or buy groceries when the budget for the month is stretched thin. That small addition to her resources at hand can give her peace of mind. 

2. Gift Cards

Gift Cards
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Another great gift for single moms is gift cards. It’s a wonderful gift when you are not really sure what to buy and what she may be needing at the moment. There is a whole selection of gift cards that you can choose from, such as gift cards to Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, Bath and Body Works, Sephora, and more. You can usually purchase gift cards and send them to her electronically or print them at home to hand over to her.

Gift cards are also a good choice in lieu of cash, especially to a single parent whom you know may feel shy about accepting cash upfront.

3. Instant Pot

Instant Pot
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It can be challenging for a single mom to fit everything she needs to do in a day. Any gift that can help her save time is a superb option, so practical gifts are a winning choice. One of the best practical gifts you can choose for her is an Instant Pot. It’s a revolutionary appliance that can help her to save time and still be able to prepare meals for her household.

Instant Pot is a handy tool that makes mealtimes less stressful. With it, she will be able to make dinner in minutes instead of hours, giving her more time to breeze through other single-parent duties.

4. Inspirational Books For Single Moms

Inspirational Books For Single Moms
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Single moms, particularly those who are newly single, can have a lot of struggles — especially if they have just come out of a toxic relationship or a crushing separation. And even those who may have been single moms for a while now can still at times find themselves struggling when it comes to having to deal with everything on their own now.

Reading stories and experiences of successful single moms can definitely provide inspiration and motivation. They can also be cathartic and bring with them a lot of healing. If you come across or know a wonderful single parent story that inspires, share it with a single mom you know.

5. Audiobook Subscription

Audiobook Subscription
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For many people, reading is a truly incredible gift. Books bring a lot of joy, knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration. Those who love to read can attest to the fact that reading makes everything better, and adds something special to our life. Indeed, it’s a simple, wonderful pleasure, but also something that needs time — time that single moms may not have.

Single moms have plenty of things on their plate, so they often cannot afford to dedicate some of their precious time to pleasures like reading when they have so many more important things to spend time on. In between working and caring for her family, a single mom who loves to read may find that she has to give up reading because there just isn’t enough spare time for it. So a super cool gift you can give a bookworm single mom is an audiobooks subscription! This will let her listen to audiobooks while doing groceries, waiting to pick up their kids to school, preparing a meal, or any of the other many things she needs to do throughout her day. It’s an amazing gift that she will truly love.

6. Meal Planning Subscription Or Service

Meal Planning Subscription Or Service
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Being a single mom means that planning and preparing her household’s meals each day is up to her. It’s a responsibility that she has to take on by her lonesome, and it can be quite time-consuming and very exhausting!

A meal planning subscription service is one of the best gifts you can offer to single moms. It can eliminate the stress that comes with having to put together meal plans. It also saves time because she won’t have to toil away in the kitchen for hours every day. This service allows her to have more time for things that are more important, such as spending more time with her child or being able to have time for a little bit of self-love.

7. Groceries

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Feeding a household by herself can become very expensive, especially as her child grows older and needs more sustenance. Scourging for the cheapest, most affordable groceries may be a priority for a single parent in your life, but they may also just not have the luxury of time to canvass prices and search for the best deals.

A great way to help her out with the budget is to surprise her with a box of groceries. It is a very thoughtful gesture and certainly among the best gifts and surprises for single moms. Gather a package of groceries that you know will help her out, and drop them off or even have them delivered to her doorstep.

8. Planner

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Single moms are versatile. They are, among other things, exceptional, strong, loving — and busy. The word busy needs an emphasis here. They have a lot that they have to keep track of, such as school activities, doctor appointments, sporting events, work deadlines, chores, and so much more. And that’s why one of the fantastic gifts for single moms is a handy, functional planner.

A planner will help her to stay on top of things all the time. It will help her to track everything she needs to do and manage her time more efficiently. A planner lets her become more organized and conquer life, one day at a time.

9. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal
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Being a single mom means carrying so much on their back every single day. It means having to take on so many things in life by themselves. So it is no wonder that single parenthood can lead to being burned out and overwhelmed.

A gratitude journal is a lovely, thoughtful gift that will help the single mom in your life to cope with the difficult days and the struggles she has to face. Keeping a gratitude journal is a beautiful way for her to remember how much she is loved, how blessed she is to be a mother, and how wonderful life still is. Simple yet very meaningful, this is a sweet gift indeed.

10. Budget Planner

Budget Planner
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Single parenthood means one less source of income for the household. Many single moms are, therefore, familiar with the struggle of finding ways to make the most out of every dollar. Making a budget for the family can be quite challenging.

A budget planner can help a lot with organizing income. It can definitely aid single moms in staying on top of their finances and making sure everything goes to the right place. It’s a wonderful gift that you can give a single mom, you know, and it can help her to be able to maximize her income and make sure she’s got it all covered in the most efficient manner. She’ll be able to keep track of her expenses and cash flow, pay her bills on time, and ensure that her hard-earned income goes to the right place.

11. Streaming Service Subscription

Streaming Service Subscription
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Single moms deal with so much, and they carry so much responsibility every day. They do their best to make sure that their family is well taken care of, well provided for, and loved. They deserve to have the luxury of being able to enjoy their favorite shows and movies and just chill.

A super awesome gift you can give a single parent is a streaming service subscription. It’s something that they will very much appreciate because though they may want to have one, and something which they probably view as a luxury expense that they cannot afford to have. A single mom would probably choose to spend on her family or other needs instead, so giving her a streaming service subscription will gift her the chance to sit back, unwind, and have her pick of films and series that she can watch at her own time.

12. Alexa

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Single moms do so many things on their own. So a personal assistant is totally something that many single moms can definitely use. That can also be very expensive! So you can gift her the next best thing instead: Alexa.

Alexa is a virtual assistant that can help her with her day-to-day activities. It helps her to boost productivity, nail daily and household routines, keep track of grocery lists and recipes, help her kids stay on top of school work, and so much more. Having a virtual assistant is a busy single mother’s best friend, and it is definitely among the best gifts for single moms.

13. Diapers

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Here’s the fact that all parents know: Diapers are very, very expensive. It can cost the typical household almost a thousand dollars a year for one child alone. It’s a necessity for babies and little kids who are not potty-trained yet, but it can also strain the wallet and stretch out funds.

If a single mom in your life has a little one who is still using diapers, a great gift you could give them is a supply of diapers. Single moms may not ask for this outright, but they will certainly appreciate the thoughtful gesture. And it will help them a lot, letting them at least redirect some of the diaper money to other things that may need financial attention.

14. Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbell
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Many single moms often find themselves to be the sole adult in their homes. They are with their little ones and try their best to keep them in a safe, secure environment. That is why safety is undoubtedly a huge priority for a single parent. She will always be on the lookout for anything that can help her keep her house more protected.

A ring doorbell is one such device. It is something that not only lets you know there is someone at the door but will also allow you to see who is there. It is ideal for single mothers who may be home alone or home with a little one after school or during weekends. Giving her a ring doorbell will help her to keep her family safer.

15. Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers
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Fresh flowers have the beautiful power of brightening a person’s day. They bring an undeniable loveliness and vibrance to them and are a thoughtful, touching gift that is also a wonderful pick-me-up for single parents.

Fresh flowers convey sincere thoughtfulness and sweet generosity. It will make her feel appreciated and loved. Give her a bouquet of flowers and drop them off accompanied by a nice card. This is something that is sure to make her smile!

16. Makeup

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Single mom life means having so many things to do in so little time. It means struggling to fit everything into each and every day. So prioritizing beauty can sometimes be very challenging for them, and they may just disregard that little self-care luxury because they simply don’t have the time to find the products they need or try out new things.

Makeup may seem, at first glance, to be a trivial gift. But it is actually an incredible gift you can give a single mom because she deserves those little things and the simple pleasures. It will make her feel more beautiful every day and give her a small confidence boost as she faces life with open arms and a naturally stunning face whose loveliness is enhanced even more with the right products.

17. Makeup Organizer

Makeup Organizer
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Single moms try to look their best every day. They make an effort to look put together. But their makeup stash may otherwise be a wee bit of a hot mess situation! Of course, it can be time-consuming to keep things organized, especially when one is rushing in the mornings.

You totally understand that, and that’s why a cool gift you can choose for the single mom in your life is a makeup organizer. A makeup organizer is a practical gift that can help her to stay organized — and it will also prettify her dresser or bathroom counter! It’s a very useful gift that she will be delighted with!

18. Skincare Products

Skincare Products
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When life gets too busy, some things get lost in the wayside. One of those is skincare. This may be something that single moms may just not have the time nor the budget for, because it can be time-consuming to look for the products she needs, not to mention an additional expense she can do without.

Skincare products are one of the finest gifts for single moms. A well-curated set of skincare products means you are giving her the opportunity to maintain healthy, wrinkle-free skin and attend to her skin’s needs. It’s a super nice gift for any single mom who values self-care and wants to present her best self.

19. At-Home Spa Treatment

At-Home Spa Treatment
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Spa days may be viewed by single moms as a luxury they would love to have but just cannot indulge in. A day in the spa may be impossible to fit into their schedule or their budget. So why not have a spa treatment delivered to them at home?

An at-home spa treatment is a stellar gift that single moms will appreciate. It is a wonderful gesture indeed for that single mom in your life who would like to make wellness a priority.

20. Salon Gift Certificates

Salon Gift Certificates
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Much like going to the spa, a trip to a nail salon or a hair salon may not fit into a single mom’s hectic schedule. It may not find a place in her budget as well. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat them yourself so that they can still be able to enjoy that simple pleasure!

Giving single moms a salon gift certificate is a wonderful way they can do a little bit of pampering without taking away from their monthly budget. Simply find a salon that is near them or convenient for them to go to. If there is no salon near them or it is hard for them to leave the house, you can put together a homemade hair or nail gift basket instead! Fit it up with polish, hair spa treatments, the works!

21. Spa And Wellness Gift Card

Spa And Wellness Gift Card
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With all the stress single moms have to deal with every day, anything that helps them de-stress is highly appreciated. If you know a single mom who has a favorite spa or wellness center that she used to frequent but cannot anymore because of the responsibilities of being a single parent, give her a spa and wellness gift card from that place!

A spa and wellness gift card is a very thoughtful gift that a single mom you know will very much welcome. All moms very much deserve to be pampered, and this gesture will show her how much you care.

22. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
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If there is one thing any parent can always rely on, it’s cleaning. There is always cleaning to be done. Sweeping and vacuuming are chores that will always be there. And they are not exactly loads of fun for anyone, least of all a single mom who already has a jam-packed schedule as it is.

An autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner such as a Roomba would be a cool thing to give the single mom in your life. These babies keep the floor clean and save time for busy single parents! A robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the coolest and best gifts for single moms and is especially ideal for homes with messy pets and kids!

23. Household Items Gift Basket

Household Items Gift Basket
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When thinking of gift items, household supplies don’t exactly find their way to the top of the list. True, this may seem like an unusual thing to give, but the thing is, basic household necessities aren’t cheap. They can cast a heavy shadow on the budget, which may make things more stressful for single moms who are trying to keep everything afloat by themselves.

So when you think about it, a household items gift basket is actually an excellent gift you can give. Fill it with useful things such as cleaning supplies, toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, hand soap, and the like. A care package like this may sound ordinary, but it is an extraordinary expression of thoughtfulness.

24. Satin Robe

Satin Robe
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A satin robe is something that single moms will appreciate. Soft, smooth, and satin-y luxurious; it’s an item that may be viewed as an unnecessary expense to a single mom that puts herself last over their child’s needs. So it’s a lovely gesture for you to gift her one.

A satin kimono robe will be very useful to her, and at the same time, it will make her feel like a woman. It will bring a nice, luxurious touch to her everyday routine.

25. Foot Massager

Foot Massager
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A lot of single moms find themselves on their feet many hours of the day as they care for their family, work, tend to the needs of the household, and so on. At the end of each day, their feet may understandably be sore and painful, but they will soldier on and not mind it because all that matters to them is being there for their loved ones.

A foot massager is one of the best gifts for single moms. It’s a great way to celebrate that hardworking single mom in your life who deserves to be pampered and for her pain to be soothed. With this, she’ll have her feet rubbed every night, and she’ll get the self-care she so very much has earned.

26. Houseplants

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Plants are such a wonderful way to brighten up someone’s day. They also brighten up a home and lift up a person’s mood. Plants bring a soothing, relaxing vibe and a lovely vibrance. It’s no wonder that when it comes to gifts for single moms, houseplants are an excellent option.

And hey, even if the single mom this gift is for does not really have a green thumb, there are many plants that require very minimal care. Succulents and snake plants are enchanting options that are easy to tend to. They also do not cost much and bring a nice touch to any home or room.

27. Lawn Care

Lawn Care
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Single moms have to take care of their children, go to work, tend to their family’s needs, and clean the house. And on top of it all, they have to keep up with yard work, too. It is a time-consuming, sweaty, hot chore that doesn’t really make it to anyone’s favorite chores, but it has to be done.

An amazing way you can help a single mom out is by reaching out and offering to clean up their flowerbeds, pull out the weed from their lawn, and cut their grass. Or, as an alternative, you can give them a gift certificate for a service to handle their lawn care needs! It takes one challenging chore off her plate, and she will adore you for this!

28. Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance

Having a car is certainly a convenience for single moms as having their own transportation makes doing everything they need to do a tad easier. But a car is very costly as well. Car maintenance and repair can cost a lot of money that single parents may not always have at their disposal.

One of the best gifts for single moms is the gesture of helping them out with car maintenance. Be it a gift certificate for a yearly tune-up or paying for her next oil change, this is among the most practical and most thoughtful things that you can do for her.

29. Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service

Cleaning the house is a constant. It’s a tiring task that just has to be done, no matter how busy single moms are or how exhausted they feel. A clean house is something single moms value because they want their children to be in a sanitary and clean environment. And there may have been times that they wished a cleaning fairy would appear and help them out once in a while.

The gift of a clean home is a very welcome gift for single moms. Hire a cleaning service or even offer to clean the house yourself. It’s a wonderful gesture that will be much appreciated.

30. Cozy Blanket

Cozy Blanket
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The days are long and super full for a single mom, and she deserves to be able to snuggle and unwind at the end of each day. A warm, cozy blanket is a super comfy and super relaxing gift you can give her. It’s a wonderful way to unwind and let all that stress go after a tiring, jam-packed day.

And while you’re at it, you can throw in one for her child, too! She’ll appreciate the gesture all the more!

31. Wine

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For the single mom who knows how to appreciate lounging with a glass of wine after a long day, this one’s for her! Single moms work very hard, they sacrifice so much, and they give their whole hearts to their families. They deserve to reward themselves and indulge.

Wine is always an excellent choice for the single mom who imbibes at times. It’s something she will savor and enjoy. Having a glass of wine or two to unwind is a wonderful means to unwind and a stellar way to cap off her day. Cheers!

32. Family Photoshoot

Family Photoshoot

Photos are a beautiful way to capture moments and memories. They are a wonderful means to capture the bond and love between families. A good family photo is a valuable, precious gift that single moms will cherish so much, especially if a professional photographer or studio is just not something they can add to their expenses.

If you are a skilled photographer, you can offer to take the photo yourself. Or if you know someone who is great at photography, you can pay for a photoshoot for her and her family. She will love this, and it’s truly among the best gifts for single moms.

33. Child Care

Child Care

Single moms don’t have the luxury of being able to have some me-time while their kids are at home. They can’t just go out when they have things to do because who will they leave their children with?

Offering child care is such a sweet, valuable gift that any single mom would be touched to receive. It will not cost you anything, but it is a gesture that will allow her to enjoy some much-needed time for self-care. It’s something that will let them take a break and just focus on themselves for a change. Child care is, hands down, one of the best gifts for single moms.

34. A Confidant

Single moms carry so much weight on their solitary backs, and they have such full plates every day. They do so much and think about so many things that social isolation and loneliness can sometimes go hand in hand with their day-to-day lives.

They also need someone to talk to: a confidant, a friend. If you have someone in your life who is a single mom, let her know that you are there for her. Give her a safe space to vent or talk. Be someone she will feel comfortable confiding in and opening up to. Trust me, this is by far among the absolute best gifts for single moms, and it is something that will let her know she is cherished and loved.

35. Custom Photo Canvas

Custom Photo Canvas

Photographs are beautiful. They’re memories, they make us nostalgic, and they help us remember a time when we were at our happiest. Mothers love to reminisce, be it about the days when their kids were little or just about any part of their past.

Gift a single mom a custom photo canvas that helps her sit back and visit the glory days and maybe shed a few tears of joy. She will thank you for bringing that moment back to her in such a lovely manner.

36. Homecooked Meals

Homecooked Meals

Moms are supremely busy humans in general, and single moms are even more so. They barely have time to sit down and have their meals properly. Even if they have time, they spend it crafting meals for their kids.

In such a situation, if someone presents them with a homemade meal, the gift-giver feels like an angel to them at that moment.

Therefore, cook a warm and delicious homemade meal for one such single mom, you know, and let her take some time away from the kitchen, at least for a day.

37. Bedding Set

Bedding Set
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Among the many, many household chores that moms perform daily, one of them is making their bed and also the beds of their kids. Believe us when we say that it isn’t a fun task at all.

When it comes to putting a fresh pair of sheets on your bed, it is tiring and time-consuming for any mom, especially when they have multiple little ones to look after.

Chances are she hasn’t had the time to change her bedding for a month. So, get her a beautiful, new bedding set. The refreshing smell and pretty colors will surely bring a smile to her face.

38. Key Finders

Key Finders
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Imagine this: You’re a single mom running late for work. You have a meeting in just a few minutes, you know traffic will be bad on the way, and when you’re about to step out, you can’t find your keys. It’s enough to ruin your mood early in the morning, is it not?

What is a great gift to give to a single mom who wants to locate her keys while in a hurry? A key finder, of course! It will make things much easier for her, and she won’t be late.

39. Cupcakes

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Desserts are love. They don’t go to your stomach but straight to your heart. When you consume them, you can lose yourself in a world of sugary bliss for a couple of minutes and let all your worries melt away.

Moms often make desserts such as cupcakes for their kids, birthday parties, school events, or even when their kid is in the mood. Sadly, however, no one asks moms whether they want a cupcake too.

So, why not bring a set of cupcakes for a single mom and let her eat them in peace and be utterly joyous?

40. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat
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Yoga is great for your mind, body, heart, and soul. Not only does it help you stay fit and stretch your muscles, allows you to relax and acts as a spa for your mental health.

Indulging in yoga, even for a few minutes every day, is known to have miraculous effects on the human body.

Can you think of a single mom who has been waiting to get into yoga but hasn’t had the time to purchase a yoga mat yet? If so, get her one so she can begin her yoga journey and derive some much-needed inner peace.

41. Perfume Set

Perfume Set
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We all love to smell good. You know how some people have a particular scent because they use a specific perfume all the time? Yeah, pretty much everyone wants to have such a personal scent. After all, who wouldn’t want to be remembered for smelling exquisite?

Get a perfume set for the single mom too busy and tired to buy one for herself. That way, she will have enough to last her for a long time, and she can put them on during the rare occasions she gets to go out and have fun.

42. Candles

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When candles are lit, they automatically transform the look and vibe of a room, don’t they? But did you know that besides looking pretty, they also serve other benefits?

Oh yes, they help you meditate and relax and bring health benefits. This is why candles make a wonderful gift for a single mom. Get her relaxing scents such as lavender, jasmine, and chamomile that will help her take the day off her tired shoulders.

She can also light them up while reading or finishing her work after a long day while drinking tea.

43. Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks
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Sheet masks have been a staple item in the world of skincare ever since the tips and tricks of Korean beauty took over. Everyone from beauty vloggers to celebrities seems to be using them whenever they want their skin to look hydrated and moisturized, especially before a big event.

They are also a piece of self-care that people deserve to indulge in. Who better than single moms to gift sheet masks, too, right?

You probably know a single mom who used to spend time on her skincare once upon a time but hasn’t had the time to do so for a while now. Sheet masks come to the rescue in such cases because they work quickly and will make moms feel good.

44. Face Tools

Face Tools
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Beauty has evolved tremendously in the last decade. It’s not about wanting to make your skin look fairer but rather about nourishing your skin and making it healthier from within. Face tools help massively in this regard.

Gua shas, face rollers, face sculptors, and face massagers are face tools. They help relieve muscle and joint pain, define your features, tighten your skin, reduce puffiness, and soften wrinkles and fine lines. It also promotes blood circulation.

Single moms who do not have much time to look after their skin benefit greatly from such face tools. Gift them one of these and see them brightening up at the sight of it.

45. Facial Kit

Facial Kit
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Single moms do not have time to go for facials; let’s be real. In between all the hustle and running around, they cannot take time out to go to a salon and get facials done. Therefore, gifting them a facial kit will help them save a lot of time.

They can do them from the comfort of their home and feel excited looking at their supple skin once they’re done with it.

46. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs
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Bath bombs are such fun creations. You can draw a bath, put them in, and see their unique colors and patterns dissolve in the water, smelling fabulous and making you want to jump right in.

Long and relaxing baths ease your anxiety and let you de-stress after a long day at work. This is the reason why bath bombs make terrific gifts for single moms. You can either gift them one of these or even get a set for them.

They can put on music, light candles, read a book, and let the magic of the bath bombs take over.

47. Chopping Tools

Chopping Tools
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Cooking is a chore that most moms have to do daily. While it can be fun when occasionally done, it isn’t when you have meals to make for yourself and your kids daily while also handling office work.

More than stirring the vegetables or cooking the meat, the time-consuming part is chopping all the necessary vegetables and fruits and everything else. Therefore, chopping tools that reduce cooking time will help a single mom immensely.

These days, some tools can help you cut fruits and veggies into the shape of your choice, serving wonderfully for single moms everywhere.

48. Tote Bags

Tote Bags
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Small purses and trendy bags look chic for sure. Still, when you have a lot of stuff to carry daily, you value convenience and efficiency over style.

Single moms, for example, require a tote bag to carry all the items they need while heading out. It also provides sufficient space to carry the things their kids need, such as toys, food, water bottles, etc.

Whether a single mom is going on a trip, a hike, or just heading out grocery shopping with her little ones, tote bags come in handy.

49. Portable Speakers

Portable Speakers
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If a single mom likes to listen to music, then portable speakers will make a thoughtful gift for her. She can carry them around while cleaning, cooking, or even if she wants to have a little dance party in her room while the kids are away or asleep.

50. Wireless Earphones

Wireless Earphones
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Wireless earphones are a handy electronic item in the current era. You can watch your shows, listen to music, attend phone calls, and even participate in work video calls using them.

For a single mom who has her kids running around as she tries to attend a work meeting, such wireless earphones will be a gift she will be super thankful for.


Getting gifts for your parents is not a responsibility that you think is burdening but is rather something your parents deserve to have from you since they invest their entire lives in their kids.

When you have a single mom, especially, it becomes even more important to remind them how much they mean to you.

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