Wreck It Ralph, Childhood, and Vintage Video Games

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Some families play board games; we like to play video games. It probably helps that I am a huge video gamer myself. I think that’s what appealed to me about Wreck It Ralph. It was a step back into my youth.

Wreck It Ralph Movie

We play video games like they are digital images we control, making them fly or race or flight. But what if your racecar driver or character in your virtual world were real, living lives in their video world? That’s the premise behind Wreck It Ralph. The video game characters are playing a part to entertain you, it’s their job, but when the game goes off they have their own life.

I know I’ve sometimes found myself imagining this in my youth. Even now I can’t bring Barney to go on a drinking binge (one of his tasks in the Simpsons Tapped Out mobile game).  He’s just cleaned up his life. I can’t be the one to bring him down into the gutter. Crazy right?

Wreck It Ralph Ultimate Collector’s Edition no only gives you a Blu-ray copy (our main viewing choice due to a much better video quality), you also receive a DVD and digital copy (ideal for many family road trips). There’s even a 3D version for viewers with 3D televisions. Most DVDs include bonus materials, such as the film’s trailers and previews, but the Wreck It Ralph Ultimate Collection includes some fun game-related bonus features.

wreck it ralph movie dvd

We enjoyed watching the behind the scenes section going into detail on the creation of the many different worlds that exist in the one movie. It will give you a new perspective when watching the film a second time. The three actual games included in Wreck It Ralph (Fix It Felix Jr, Sugar Rush, and Hero’s Duty) aren’t real video games though they are based on some classic video models you’ll be familiar with. Even though their not real games, you’ll enjoy the television commercials created for them (also an added feature on the disc). You can also watch deleted scenes but since this is an animation the scenes are within the storyboard stage. If you watch them you’ll probably completely agree to their deletion.

The cover promises another bonus feature, a gamers’ guide to Wreck It Ralph, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on any of the discs. Sadly this was the one real bonus feature I was interested in watching due to the gaming connection. Although Wreck It Ralph is an animated film, both parents and kids will enjoy watching it for different reasons. It’s a fun family movie that bridges the gaming history in our family and it will probably be a film we’ll find ourselves watching often.

Wreck It Ralph The Game

A movie based on video games is a perfect fit for an actual video game and Disney Interactive and Activition seem to agree. Wreck It Ralph video game (Wii, DS, 3DS) extends the inside video game experience. You have to help characters battle the bugs that invaded the three main game worlds: Sugar Rush, Fix It Felix Jr, and Hero’s Duty. You choose which game you want to visit from Game Central and work your way through the various levels.


The game play is very retro in feel as you jump up and down platforms, collect coins, and destroy the bugs. The three worlds take similar design elements from the games in the movie though I was disappointed to see the game play is the same for all three games. I think my favourite is the candy coloured Sugar Rush.

Vintage Video Games at the Ontario Science Centre’s Game On 2.0 Exhibit

From watching the movie to playing the game, visitors in the Toronto area can step back into their childhood with the new Game On 2.0 exhibit running at the Ontario Science Centre from March 9 until September 2, 2013.

This hands-on exhibit spans more than 60 years of gaming, including early computer based games to new virtual reality games (125+ playable games in the exhibit). Now you can try beating your arcade high score in the upright Space Invaders arcade game, show your kids the Commodore Amiga or the Atari from your youth, or see some popular games from other countries. The exhibit enables you to share a common experience with your kids — video gaming from your youth and gaming that occupies your kids now.

I love current video games but there’s something nostalgic and pure fun about those retro games. They rely on game play versus cool graphic treatments, similarly to some of my favourite independent games now. Wreck It Ralph movie taps into these memories and the Game 2.0 exhibit brings the experience to life.

What’s your favourite video game from your youth?

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