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Sharing is Caring!

School has started and I have a lot of stuff to keep organized, like homework and classes and blog posts. I had an agenda I bought from my school last year but I didn’t like it. I found something much better this year.

I love the look of these Mead agendas. They’re smaller than the agenda I owned last year so one fits nicely in my bag. I’m not a big fan of flowers and boy bands on the cover so these pattern designs are great. 

wedstylefile agenda organize

The inside pages are perfect for what I need. Each month has a full calendar so I can make notes of events or assignments and see them all on one page. The weekly pages give me room to write details such as homework page numbers or blog post ideas.

wedstylefile agenda calendar

This agenda also has some fun ideas, such as the little boxes for writing what I want to achieve this week or month, little to-do notes, and other ideas. This makes it more than just an agenda. It becomes something personal. The coil center is perfect for folding my agenda in half to write notes on one side too.

wedstylefile agenda plan

The best part is that this agenda costs about the same as the one my mom had to buy from school but it’s so much better. The only thing I need to add is one of those ruler page markers that hook on to the coil. This would make it easier to find today’s page. I’ve also discovered wrapping the page in a larger elastic also works.

If you’re looking for an agenda to keep on track of your school work, you can find this scheduler at Walmart, Target, and most other major retailers.

Thanks to Mead for sending this to me.

Sharing is Caring!

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