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I love Benefit Cosmetics but I love their kits even more. They let you try out small sizes of their products in a collection before you buy them in a full size.

 I was excited to find the Feelin Dandy kit in the package Benefit Canada sent me. Like the eye products I reviewed earlier, the Feelin Dandy kit has really cute packaging too. The kit comes in a little box. I like this kit because it’s a lip and cheek kit. You’ll find a sample of Posi Tint lip-gloss, High Beam luminizer (it adds a little light glow to your checks and lips), Dandelion pressed highlighting powder and small brush, and a liquid version of Dandelion.

wednesday style file benefit feelindandykit items

The Feelin Dandy kit is great for school make-up because of the pink tones. Inside the box Benefit includes a little Tips and Tricks booklet. It gives you some great ideas on using all the items in the kit alone or together. This was great for me as I’m just experimenting with make-up.

wednesday style file benefit feelindandykit tips

There’s even a little mirror in the lid so you can use the kit right from the box. I took this with me when visiting my Grandma and it was easy to pack and everything was kept together. Once all the make-up is done in the Feelin Dandy kit, I can still use the box with it’s magnetic lid that keeps the box closed. I’m sure I’ll fill it with more Benefit products. You can pick this kit up at Sephora (one of my favourite shops).

wednesday style file benefit feelindandykit mirror

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Thanks to the folks at Benefit Canada for sending this to me.

Sharing is Caring!

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