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Most people know TOMS for their shoes. Their One for One program gives a pair of shoes to a child in developing countries for each pair of TOMS shoes you buy. Recently I was invited to attend the TOMS Spring and Summer preview event to see the newest styles.

 I was surprised to learn that TOMS also makes sunglasses. They had lots of really nice colours and shapes. The sunglasses have a bit of a tint to them. When I tried on a pair everything looked really warm, even on the really cold winter day.

wedstyle tomsglasses2

Like the TOMS shoes their sunglasses are also part of the One for One program. When you buy a pair of TOMS sunglasses TOMS gives a person in a third world country the gift of sight by performing sight saving surgery, providing medical treatment or giving them a pair of prescription glasses.  

wedstyle tomsglasses5

At the preview someone from TOMS explained to me the detailing on the arm of each pair of sunglasses. There are three strips of colour, one represents the buyer (that’s you), one represents the person you are helping and the middle represents TOMS bringing you together.

wedstyle tomsglasses3

I even received my own pair of TOMS sunglasses. I loved the colors on the pair I chose. How can you now not want to go out and buy a pair of TOMS sunglasses? Not only are you getting a treat for yourself but you are helping someone else see. Now all I need to do is go somewhere sunny so I can show them off.

wedstyle tomsglasses4

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Sharing is Caring!

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