Wednesday’s Style File. Grown-Up Braids

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I like the way braids keep my hair off my face and keep me cooler on hot, sticky summer days (which we have had a few). I don’t like the braids my mom does, tight to my head, making me look like a little kid. This half-braid style gives me braids that do not have me looking like my little sister.


mystyle grownup braids2

The braid is looser and has a beachy feel. It’s a fun braid style. Plus it’s styled so I could do my own braid and not have to get my mom’s help. You start the braid lower in the hair, like below your ear, instead of right up near your head. I’m always looking for ideas for my long hair. What’s your favourite braid style that’s easy to do?

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Sharing is Caring!

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