Wednesday’s Style File. Bellaboo Natural Skincare

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I have senitive skin and that can become a problem with make-up and skincare products. Some products give my skin a rash especially on my face. Then I heard about a natural skincare company called BellaBoo from Australia and I had a chance to give them a try.

They sent me their Three Step Skincare System. I was very pleased with the size of the products in the kit. I thought it was going to be a hotel sized sample but it was more like a regular size. In this Three Step System kit you receive a facial wash, a facial exfoliator, and a moisture dew. 

I liked the scent of all three products. The facial wash and moisture dew I used every day in the morning and at night. They never felt drying or too oily except when I first used the moisture dew. I think I was using too much so it felt heavy. I didn’t need as much of this product as other products I used. The exfoliator is my favourite to use because it has little pieces of ground bamboo and rice. I can feel it rubbing the dead skin off my face and my face felt really smooth after.

wednesday style file bellaboo kit skincare

I like the idea of a kit with all the products I need to take care of my skin in one package. The packaging is fun and colourful too. Plus the plastic case makes it easy to store and carry all three tubes in the kit. BellaBoo is from Australia but this product is made in the United States. You can buy this Three Step Skincare System online in Canada at Abundance Naturally.

wednesday style file bellaboo kit 3steps

I really like the three step. It makes my skin feel great without giving me a rash, it smells like nice herbs and flowers and they are natural so no weird chemicals on my skin. BellaBoo also makes acne products and face masks. I love pampering so I would love to try the face masks in the future. 

Thanks to Abundance Naturally for sending me the product for review.

Sharing is Caring!