Wednesday’s Style File. August Outfit for Under $20

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I like to shop but it can get expensive. Convincing my parents to spend less money on clothes is much easier than getting them to buy an expensive outfit.  So I proposed a challenge. I bet my mom that if I could find a whole outfit that she approved of for less than twenty dollars, that she would buy it.

The best place to start is Value Village. I found some great deals at Savers in O’ahu (part of the Value Village family) so I was excited about what I would find at my local Value Village store. You might think you won’t find nice things because the items are used but they are in pretty good condition. You’ll find outfits that don’t fit people anymore or are a style they don’t wear anymore. Our family has donated a number of nice clothing pieces we just don’t wear.

My advice for finding a more grown-up outfit is to avoid the kid’s clothing section. Although I still fit in kids’ clothes, the outfits are more cartoon characters and boy band branding. That’s just not my style. In the women’s section you can find small and even extra small as well as sizes 0 to 4. Some of these fit just fine and a few might need a small stitch but you’ll find a more interesting selection of styles.

I went through all the small size items and grabbed everything that I thought I would wear. I placed all the items in a shopping basket. When I had grabbed everything I then went through each items to see what went together or what could go with items I already owned at home. I put about half of the items back.

mystyle value village under20 outfit pieces

In the change room I tried on everything to narrow down my selection. Not everything on the hanger looked good on me or fit me properly. Then it was down to deciding how I was going to get the most from my twenty-dollar budget. I decided on a less expensive skirt so I could add a piece of jewelry to my outfit.

I really like my outfit and the pieces can be worn together and with other items I own. My mom was impressed with my shopping decisions too. Like my DIY T-Shirt Tote Bag post that reused old shirts, my outfit reuses old clothes but it looks like a brand new outfit on me.

mystyle value village under20 outfit

Wonder what I’ll find in September. Have you shopped a second hand clothing shops for a great new outfit?

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Sharing is Caring!

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