My Style. Sonia Kashuk Lip Crayons

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I love to wear make-up but I think to complete your look you have to have a lip product on. Lately I have been loving Sonia Kashuk’s jumbo lip crayons from Target Canada. 

The packaging is really sleek and not like the shiny, glossy tubes you see in the store. I also love how the lip colour is shown at the end of the tube. This makes it so much easier to find the colour I want to wear in the morning.


I tried Sonia Kashuk’s Luxurious Shine Lip Crayons in both Sweet Pea and Peony. I love the colour on my lips from both of them. To me the Sweet Pea is more like a nude pink and Peony is a darker pink, almost like mauve. No surprise I liked the look of the Sweet Pea colour as lighter colours tend to look best on me, but the darker Peony surprised me. I normally don’t look that nice in darker colours but I thought it looked really nice.

The texture of Sonia Kashuk’s Luxurious Shine Lip Crayons is very nice and creamy. They glide onto my lips with ease, have great pigmentation and a little bit of sheen.


Both of these shades from Sonia Kashuk are perfect for summer but if I had to choose the Sweet Pea would definitely be my favourite. What’s your favourite lip product to where in summer?

Sharing is Caring!