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I love to keep my lips feeling smooth and free from being too dry. That’s why I’m loving The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Shimmer lip balm. It’s smooth, velvety and smells amazing!

The Honey Bronze Shimmer lip balm is from The Body Shop’s honey collection. The packaging reminds me of a beehive and I think it’s so cute. When I pulled it out in the schoolyard to use, some of my friends commented on its cuteness too. The lip balm is very smooth and has a subtle shimmer on your lips. It smells like honey but unlike other lip balms it’s a very, very light scent, something I prefer.



Something I think is really cool about The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Shimmer lip balm is that they use real honey instead of some fake chemical honey scent. The honey they use is Community Fair Trade that supports Ethiopian beekeepers.

To collect this precious honey, we work with the ‘bee whisperers’ of Beza Mar, a group dedicated to improving the livelihood of Ethiopian beekeeping communities and maintaining their traditional, natural way of working with bees.

If you like honey but not really a lip balm person The Body Shop has a bunch of other Honeymania products


This little honey pot is definitely going in my school bag.

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Sharing is Caring!

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    • Isn’t it? I love the packaging. Of course the use of real honey and supporting bee keeps is a nice bonus too (easy to justify stocking up). These would be cute gift ideas too, thinking out loud.


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