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I love Benefit’s lip and cheek tints. They are really well pigmented and easy to use. But I sometimes worry the liquids might spill in my bag and leak everywhere. Then I discovered Benebalm and I flipped!

Benebalm is Benefit Cosmetic’s new tinted lip balm. You still get excellent colour and it moisturizers your lips as well using mango butter. The best part about this lip balm is that I don’t half to worry about it spilling in my bag at all. It slips nicely in my purse ready to use. I love everything about the new Benebalm, including the sleek and colourful packaging.


Over all this is probably one of my favourite new lip products to use. It gives me that extra hint of colour to add to my lips and it’s an alternative to the lip and cheek tint, though you can still add some tint for an added colour pop. I would definitely recommend getting this for a friend or better still, just for yourself.


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Sharing is Caring!

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