Starbucks Refreshers Energy Boost To Go

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So many people turn to coffee for a lift during their day, partly for a break and partly for a caffeine boost.  If you are like me and not a coffee fan or you are just looking for an alternative to your regular latte, Starbucks Refreshers give you a boost on the go.

Introduced in stores last summer, the Starbucks Refreshers carbonated beverages contain natural caffeine derived of green coffee extract and promises a boost of energy without the taste of coffee. Combined with real fruit juice, the Refreshers in a can are available in three flavours including Raspberry Pomegranate, Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Melon.

“Starbucks Refreshers beverages reinvented how people enjoy coffee in our stores,” says Kevin Reid, Director, Beverage, Starbucks Coffee Canada. “Today, in grocery, mass merchandisers, convenience and gas stores across the country, Canadians can pick up a can and enjoy a new delicious way to recharge with only 60 calories per can.”

I was intrigued by the idea of an energy boost without the coffee taste. A fan of pomegranate I tried the Raspberry Pomegranate flavour, half expecting a syrupy drink but finding a light fruit taste. The Strawberry Lemonade is actually quite nice too. The fruit taste is a sutle and lingering flavour you savour after your sip versus a head on smack of intense fruit as soon as it passes over your tongue. That’s the refreshing part. Be reminded that this is a coffee drink. I don’t drink coffee but I do enjoy the occasional caffeinated tea. Caffeine isn’t completely new to me but I did feel the obvious buzz from drinking the refresher unlike my husband, a big coffee drinker.

I haven’t tried the Refreshers beverages in-store so I’m not sure how they compare to the canned versions. Because I’m not a habitual coffee drinker I don’t think I would drink these regularly but I can see how these would be a nice change from your regular Starbucks java fix. For myself, the Starbucks Refreshers aren’t bad for a morning boost. I love their convenience too, which means I don’t have to stand in a Starbucks line, and their subtle carbonated fruit flavouring is really quite nice.

Thanks to Starbucks Canada for the opportunity to try Ready-to-Drink Starbucks Refreshers

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