Star Wars: Rogue One Toys and Contest

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I remember my dad taking my sister and me to see Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back in theatres. I love that it is a world I can share with my kids, from the experience at Disney World to the new movies as they are released. We’re excited about the new movie, Rogue One, coming to theatres this December, and to celebrate, we have a peek at some of the new toys, as well as a contest for fans.

Sneak a Peek at the New Star Wars Toys

There are many aspects of my job at EverythingMom that I love. This is one, like getting a peek at some of the new Rogue One toys expected in stores this September prior to this December’s launch of the Rogue One movie this December.

You can see a bit of an unboxing of some of the new Rogue One movies here:

Unboxing videos aren’t something that I often do but how can I turn down the chance to play with some of these new Star Wars toys? The movie due out in December expands the Star Wars story beyond the timeline I grew up with, which is great.

Beyond the toys, fans have the chance to attend a screening of Rogue One in San Francisco if they choose to take up the #GoRogue challenge. Starting September 30 you can participate in a global user generated contest (UGC), #GoRogue.

The #GoRogue contest invites fans to share their own short stories or skits set in a galaxy far, far away… Winning entries from around the globe will be chosen by a panel including “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” director Gareth Edwards. Winners will be invited to Lucasfilm in San Francisco to attend a screening of “Rogue One,” and see their short story on the big screen.

What a perfect way to get the kids into the act of storytelling, putting together their own 2-minute video inspired by the up coming film Rogue One. Along with attending a screening of the film, winners will get to see their film up on the big screen. Entries are accepted until October 21, 2016.

For a little inspiration check out the new movie’s trailer here:

For more information on the #GorRogue contest visit Do you have a Star Wars fan in your home who is up to the challenge?

Sharing is Caring!

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