Portable Barbecuing Made Easier

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Natural charcoal and wood make a huge flavour difference in your grilled food. Unfortunately neither is ideal for a quick grill or a BBQ lunch in the park or on the beach. Perhaps the BIC FlameDisk will help.

 BIC is a familiar name for us when it comes to barbecuing. We use their longer lighters to get our charcoal started in our Weber or Green Egg. A quick wiener roast with the kids gave us the perfect opportunity to see how well the BIC FlameDisk would work.

Usually if we have a big cook going we’ll transfer some hot coals into our tabletop Coleman for a more convenient way to roast marshmallows versus everyone gathered around the BBQ. It has worked great but we only pull it out if we’re already using the main BBQs.

bbq bic flamedisk packaging

The BIC FlameDisk is round (as you could guess by it’s name) and designed to sit flat at the bottom of your BBQ. As our Coleman is a narrow rectangle I was worried it wouldn’t fit but it slid in and sat perfectly flat. Once it was in I pulled the seal off and simply held the lighter over one of the holes and POOF, we had flame.

Unlike coals, which tend to be more heat than flame, the FlameDisk seemed to be more flame but it worked well for our needs. Our Coleman is vented on all sides so breezes tended to affect the flame more but that wouldn’t be an issue on a standard BBQ. All that said, the kids loved roasting their own hotdogs on their roasting forks. I toasted the buns right on the grill to ensure nothing was burnt.

bbq bic flamedisk fire

The FlameDisk indicated it had enough fuel for about four hours of cooking. We were able to roast hotdogs and then follow-up with toasting marshmallows. Throughout our cooking the flame was constant only wavering around due to wind (again that is due to the design of our Coleman which is vented on all sides). When the fuel was all used up the flame stopped, just like that.

This is where the BIC FlameDisk shines. The disc wasn’t hot so I could just remove it and toss in the garbage. Plus the Coleman was perfectly clean. There was no charcoal to clean up. It was nice to enjoy a quick lunch with the kids without the downer of cleaning up.

bbq bic flamedisc marshmallows

We used the BIC FlameDisk in our backyard but it would be perfect for taking to the beach or park (where barbecuing is allowed). It’s much easier to bring along with all of your other picnic gear, you don’t need to worry about charcoal handprints when setting up the BBQ and clean up is a breeze.

It’s true you’re missing the great flavour you get from charcoal and wood but things as simple and hotdogs and marshmallows don’t really benefit much. If you’re already a propane user than the BIC FlameDisk is just a more convenient way to enjoy a quick, portable BBQ.  

A sample of the Bic FlameDisk was sent to us for the purpose of this review. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sharing is Caring!