Owlcrate Jr – April “Written in the Stars” Unboxing

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After our initial review of the March Owlcrate Jr box, we were hooked. This month, my daughter had the chance to unbox the April edition. Before we get into the details, I wanted to let you in on a special code to get 10% off your order for your tween: MOM10.

A Subscription Box for Book Lovers

Who doesn’t like a to receive a surprise? That’s what Owlcrate Jr offers your tween with the added bonus of sharing a good book. You know I love finding good books for families to enjoy every Wednesday. Get a peek at the amazing job Owlcrate did this month delivering on the April theme, “Written in the Stars:”

I loved last month’s book pick (you can see my review here) so I’m excited to read this month’s, “The Star Thief.” The whole premise of constellations coming to life, banding together to fight those who want to control them. A little magic and fantasy with a strong female lead, Honorine, sounds like a perfect read sunny weekend read.

owlcrate junior april written in stars image

Like the March box, Owlcrate Jr did a great job extending the book’s theme throughout the box. My daughter really loved the constellation lenticular notepad (MudPuppy Press) with the little constellations in each pages’s corner. Perfect for drawing dreams or mapping her star-studded future with the exclusive Magic Wand Star Pen.

owlcrate jr april unboxing book image

My daughter is really excited to try her pocket Star Finder (ToySmith). Now star gazing can lead to day dreaming about the characters coming to life and the imaginative world above.

owlcrate junior april unboxing author letter image

owlcrate junior april unboxing author signature image

The other little treats like a Owlcrate Jr “NASA” button and zipper pull, signed bookplate as well as a magical letter from the author. Even the card introducing the box’s theme and next month’s theme are great little art cards.

owlcrate junior unboxing april reveal image

owlcreate jr unboxing april reveal image

Owlcreate Jr is a subscription box service offering a monthly literature based treat for your tween. You can order a one-off gift too for a special occasion, maybe something to inspire someone over summer holidays or when they’re away at camp. Be sure to use code MOM10 when you order to receive 10% off.

owlcrate junior april unboxing artwork image

We’ve been ordering one-off monthly gifts, but the next two boxes (May “On the Case” detective theme and June “Gizmos & Gears” puzzle theme) have me wishing I had ordered a longer subscription service. The themes and book selection to date has not disappointed so I can only imagine the great themes yet to come.

owlcrate junior april unboxing may teaser1 art card

owlcrate junior april unboxing may teaser2 art card imageIf you have a tween who loves reading or you’re looking at a great way to get them excited about it, Owlcrate Jr is an ideal incentive.

Thanks to Owlcrate Jr for sending us their April “Written in the Stars” box for the purpose of this review but, as always, opinions are my own.

Sharing is Caring!