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I never heard of Zara until I had a chance to visit their new online store. I was impressed by their selection of clothes. It was easy to pick out my spring outfit from their great collection and I didn’t even have to hear my mom whine because we didn’t go to the mall.

I’m not a fan of coloured pants but when I saw these Twill Trousers in green I had to have them. The green reminds me of spring and buds on the trees. I added all the other pieces around these pants. The Floral Print Blouse with Frill has a nice flower print. It’s not a bold print like on a graphic T. The ruffles around the sleeve add a nice touch so it doesn’t look like just a sleeveless shirt.  I like the style of the Multi-Coloured Braided Belt and the colours are similar to the shirt. The pink Leather Ballerina Flats look rather plain but the bow on the toe adds a nice pop.

I’m looking forward to getting out of heavy winter jackets but spring is still chilly and sometimes it rains. The Trenchcoat can be worn as an accessory but it’s also useful if it rains as it has a hood that is detachable. Even if I’m just going outside to grab something from the car, I need to carry a bag. Handbags are a must. The Striped Fabric Bowling Bag has a canvas colouring, which reminds me of spring. I even like the little anchor.

Most stores that have clothing for kids, the items are grouped near little kids clothes and the actual clothes seem childish. Hello Kitty and fairies are not my style. The kids’ clothes in Zara’s online store still have graphic Ts and kitty prints but they offer more variety, giving me a more mature wardrobe. Now to convince my mom I need a new spring outfit, this spring outfit. Wish me luck.


Image (l to r): striped fabric bowling bag $29.90 Cdn, floral print blouse with frill $29.90 Cdn, twill trousers with zips at end $35.90 Cdn, multi-coloured braided belt $15.90 Cdn, trenchcoat with detachable hood $49.90 Cdn and leather ballerina flats $49.90 Cdn

Sharing is Caring!

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