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The holidays are over 🙁 and since we have no reason to be inside out the door we go. If you need some outdoor gear that will make you look fab when you are outside you need to read this.

I like the look of longer jackets compared to shorter waist jackets. I think that’s why I like the Kensington parka made by Canada Goose. Personaly I like brighter colours, like the Blue Topaz, compared to white or black. The winter is full of so many black coats. Canada Goose isn’t cheap, so I’ve been told, but it is so warm. Like really warm. As you know, I’m a big fan of scarves but in the winter I need something warmer. This cool knitted chunky hot pink cowl is bright and cheerfull and will make you smile when you were it. Because it just covers my neck, it’s not bulky under my jacket. Most of my friends wear short gloves. I think that’s why I like these long gloves from The Gap. Plus they make you look royal with the glove going up your arm, just like in the old movies. The stripe looks cool, especially when it goes down to the fingers. It’s kind of a neat illusion. You could wear these long, under your sleeve, or bunched up like a ruffly cuff.  Finaly there are the boots. Even if there is no snow on the ground, my boots keep my feet warm. Yes mom I was listneing. I love boots with fur, like these Slush Boots from Roxy. They’re like wrapping your feet in a fur coat without getting them all hot and sweaty (that’s why I like the fur just at the top).

Walks to school will be warm and look good.


Image (l to r): Slush Boots, Roxy $66 US; Chunky Cowl, Nataya’s Studio $28.00 US; Kensington, Canada Goose $550 Cdn; Cashmere Blend Striped Gloves, The Gap $31.00 Cdn

Sharing is Caring!

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