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When it comes to graphic T-shirts I am very particular about what I like and don’t like. Pink, sparkly, princess shirts, I don’t like. Fun shirts that aren’t too cutsy, I like. When I found the company SO SO Happy well I was so so happy.

Their graphic tees are so amazing. They come in fun colours like fuscia, yellow, and green. Even if you get a black shirt it is full of these great colours. The colours are fun but it is really the characters that make everyone happy, so so happy. The characters style remind me of tokidoki. They are cute and fun. Some of the designs are on the front and back which is clever too.

So so happy was created by a mom whose son was bullied during his school years. She made SO SO Happy as a positive company, creating products that make people feel happy and show their individuality. Plus ten per cent of the funds from sales go to variety of charities that help kids being bullied.

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When you buy a shirt (or any of the other items SO SO Happy makes) you feel good on the inside, friends feel good on the outside when they see the shirts and others hopefully will feel happy because of the charities SO SO Happy supports.. How can you not feel happy with these characters?

I love the tee shirts but SO SO Happy makes all sorts of other fun stuff like the hoodies (I especially love the ones with the scales down the back), backpacks (like having a friendly monster on your back), journals (I’ve actually started using one to make blog post notes) and so much more. I could deck myself out in a whole lot of SO SO Happy.

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Sharing is Caring!

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