My Style. Skatelab Skater Girl

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Skatelab Canada is a really cool skateboarding company that designs clothes, now available at Walmart in Canada. So you are probably thinking why am I writing about skateboard clothing since skateboarding is usually done by boys. I am a girl and I like to skateboard too.

I love the green Skatelab Cassette T-shirt because of the print on the front. It is not like some of the other shirts with skulls and skateboarders. I like how their name is done in the tape. Although I’m not a fan of images of skateboards on shirts (I mean I’m skateboarding, I don’t need an image telling people that), I do like the Skatelab Skateboard Crossing T-shirt. It’s a nice long sleeve choice and the skateboarder reminds me of a school crossing sign, which is kind of cool. Hoodies are great and I own a few. They are great to wear indoors as an extra layer and they’re not like wearing a heavy jacket. But most hoodies for girls aren’t my style. I’m not a fan of Justin Beiber, One Direction, Hello Kitty, or pink sparkly overdose. The Skatelab Scribble Hoodie is black, not my favourite colour, but the skateboard across the front looks like it is popping out at you and it’s cool how they have put their name across the bottom of the skateboard.

It’s true I don’t skateboard in my PJs but I am looking forward to seeing Skatelab Canada’s release of PJs this December. They also have coloured denim but I’m kind of old fashion, liking my denim to be true blue. The Skatelab Canada clothing is just for boys which means it fits looser on me than I like. That just means I have to choose a size smaller than I would normally pick. I’ve also heard that Skatelab Canada is releasing tank tops and shorts next summer but knowing my luck they will be just for boys too. 🙁

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Sharing is Caring!