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Sharing is Caring!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and like all holidays it can get very expensive. With Walmart Canada’s lower pricing they want to make sharing the love with those special people much easier but with the number of people on my Valentine list would I be able to share the love on my budget?

 Walmart Canada was so sure they could help me deliver on all my Valentine’s Day needs; they gave me a fifty-dollar gift card to put them to the test. I wanted to get something for my teachers (I have two), my class, my BFFS , my gramps and nana, my dad, my little sister, and a very special person. It was a lot of people for only fifty-dollars.

walmartcanada valentine sharethelove6

When I arrived at the store they had a huge amount of boxed Valentine’s cards. There were cards for little kids, like My Little Pony and Clifford. They had older cards like Monster High and Transformers. They even had some fun scratch and art cards too. The boxes of cards were at very low prices of just 2-3 each.

walmartcanada valentine sharethelove9

I almost picked up some retro-looking Peanuts cards but when I saw the inexpensive bulk Candy I decided to make treat bags for my class. Instead of using pencils and erasers or notebooks I found small plastic goodie bag plus conversation hearts and little cinnamon hearts. For less than seven-dollars I could make enough treat bags for my whole class and have a few extra.

walmartcanada valentine sharethelove2

I wanted to get my best friends something a little extra other than the class goodie bags and when I saw these little Lindt chocolate boxes I knew it was perfect. It came with two small chocolate hearts and two of their milk chocolate circles. I didn’t want to give my teachers the same thing as the class so I bought them each a box of little conversation hearts. I love these candies to pieces.

walmartcanada valentine sharethelove5

My nana and gramps always send me cute funny interactive cards and for Valentine’s Day I wanted to get them the same thing. This card was really cute because there are pop-out game pieces for a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. 

walmartcanada valentine sharethelove1

My dad always gets little treats for us so I wanted to treat him this Valentine’s Day. When I saw this huge orange chocolate KitKat bar I knew it was perfect for him. He loves orange chocolate and I’m a big fan of Chinese New Year. How cool!

It’s true there’s someone special I like and I wanted to get him something too. I didn’t know what to get him but chocolate is always nice right and these chocolate flowers were very cute. Wonder if he’ll think so?

walmartcanada valentine sharethelove4

I like to shop so it was hard to just shop for other people. I saw a lot of things at Walmart Canada that I would have loved. I found some great lip-gloss that was a really good price but Valentine’s Day is about sharing the love with others. My little sister likes to do everything I like to do so for her Valentine’s Day present I wanted to do her nails. I picked up some Sally Hansen nail strips that reminded me of love letter writing and an essie nail polish that I thought would go with it. I can’t wait to do her nails (and mine too).

walmartcanada valentine sharethelove3

So that was everyone and it all came in at under my fifty-dollar budget (including tax). I was surprised and happy. It’s nice to know that Walmart Canada makes it a little more affordable to share the love this Valentine’s Day. How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day?

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Thanks to Walmart Canada for the fifty-dollar giftcard to do my Valentine gift shopping.

Sharing is Caring!