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When I went to Sephora I was looking for a concealer because most of the Youtube videos I watched said that this was one of those ‘must have’ products every girl needs to own.

In the store I asked one of the staff what my skin type would be for a concealer. The woman that helped me asked what I was trying to conceal. I think this was her polite way of saying I didn’t need to cover anything on my skin. Really all I was looking for was somthing to cover the dark circles under my eyes. I’m sure my love of late nights doesn’t help at all.

Instead of a product to put all over my face she suggested a Sephora’s Smoothing and Brightening Concealer Pen to cover up those dark cicle. I learned that videos are great when you are learning about make-up and products but talking to someone in person is important too. They see you and ask questions about what you are trying to fix and can probably help you find what you are looking for.

When I got home I tried out the Sephora concealer pen and it worked amazlingly. It did not cover all the darkness but it coverd a lot. Even my mom, who is not keen on me wearing makeup, said she thought it worked well too. Based on some videos I have seen, this is also a great product for highliting. I use this product almost every day to cover my the dark circles under my eyes. I have very sensitive skin and I did not breakout in a rash or pimples, a problem for me with many beauty products.

mystyle sephora concealer pen results

If you are a night owl like me and are looking to just cover those blah looking dark eyes, an eye pen like this one from Sephora is a great product and better than covering your whole face with stuff to deal with one small issue. 

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Sharing is Caring!