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I really like to take pictures and post them on my Instagram account but regular cameras are a hassle with downloading the pictures, my iPad is too bulky to carry around and using my parents’ smartphone is never possible.  Then I had the chance to try the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

mystyle samsung camera takingphotos
After playing with the camera for two weeks I discovered a few things I really liked about the camera:

Easy photo sharing. I can post photos instantly to my instagram account after I take a picture or share a photo from my photo gallery.

mystyle samsung camera foodphoto

Small size. It’s bigger than my parents’ smartphones but much smaller than my iPad. I can easily fit it into my bag to take photos. It doesn’t weigh too much either.

Different Settings. Most times I would use the auto setting but the camera offers many other built-in settings. Action was great for taking movement shots without a lot of blur. Panorama is great for large landscapes but I also loved taking fun creative shots with people moving in the same photo.

mystyle samsung camera actionphoto

Capture Photo and Video. Most times I did photos but now that instagram has video, the Samsung Galaxy Camera lets you shoot and share video too. And you can control taking pictures with your voice. I could take photos by saying words like ‘capture’ or ‘cheese’. Pretty cool.

Manual option. I used the auto setting most of the time but the camera has a manual setting that looks pretty easy to use. The changes you make show on screen right away. If I owned this camera I would probably like to learn more about using the manual settings.

mystyle samsung camera closeupphoto

Overall I loved playing with the Samsung Galaxy Camera but there was one element that I didn’t like, speed:

Slow shutter speed. Taking pictures was a little slow. A few times I took a photo but missed it because the camera was slow. I was able to adjust my photos when I figured this out so this wasn’t too much of a problem.

Slow loading. Calling up the gallery to look at photos or share photos was slow. It took so long some times I thought the camera was broken. I would see a black screen while it tried the load the photos. It didn’t tell me it was loading so sometimes I thought the camera was broken. Then the pictures would show up. This was really frustrating. I didn’t have a lot of photos on my camera so I wonder if the speed would be any slower if I took a whole bunch of photos.

mystyle samsung camera panorama

Over all I loved the Samsung Gallery camera. It is perfect for me because I can take it can fit in my purse and I can share photos with the wifi setting anywhere I find wifi. Since my parents have made it pretty clear they won’t be getting me a smartphone, maybe they’ll get me a Samsung Galaxy Camera instead, then I won’t have to keep bugging them about using their phone to take photos every time we are out.

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Thanks to Samsung Canada for the chance to play with the camera.

Sharing is Caring!