My Style: Polkadot What

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I like to wear leggings as a substitute for tights. They are also great for weekend wear under a long sweater. Leggings are comfortable and stretchy. Polkadot What makes leggings for kids with a fun style.

The PolkaDot What leggings aren’t like most of the leggings you find in the popular stores, like Gap and Old Navy. Their style is based on characteristics of your personality, the positive ones. For examples, my striped design says I’m ‘awesome’ and ‘lucky’. You can choose two characteristics from their list that describe you and create your leggings with those patterns.  The list isn’t very long but you’ll probably find something that describes you.

They also have Shape design capris. The traits are different. Instead of coloured stripes, shapes represent your personality. I would choose the star for ‘superstar’ on one leg and the purple circle for ‘talented’ on the other leg. If you just like the purple circle for your ‘creative’ side, you can’t just choose that pattern for both legs. You have to have two different patterns. I like to mix and match my clothes. After a week of wearing the same colour, always matching, uniform, I love the fun mix and match patterns of the Polkadot What leggings. It’s kind of cool that you can choose your look, like you get to play Designer.

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I hope they increase the number of patterns and personality characteristic options in the future. Of the patterns offered, they are limited to certain sides of the leg. So if you think you are ‘Creative’ and ‘Happy’ you can’t choose both of these patterns because they are only available on the left leg. It would be great if I could choose any pattern, it doesn’t matter what leg.

Along with being positive clothing for girls here, Polkadot What also supports children in South Africa. Each pair of leggings sold, five meals will be provided to children in South Africa through donations to the Lunchbox Fund. It makes me think I’m not just buying these leggings for me I’m also helping other kids.

I like being creative and going wild with some fun designs and Polkadot What lets me great creative about my clothes. The positive personality pattern and colours are a great idea too, plus they ship to Canada.

Thanks to Polkadot What for sending a pair of leggins for review.

Sharing is Caring!