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I’m not sure if you know this but Old Navy Canada has just revamped thier Toronto Eaton Centre store and I was invited to the pre-opening. I thought it was awesome that I had the chance to see the new store before other people. At the opening Old Navy had out all their new holiday clothes and my mom and I had a chance to shop.

I like to shop. That’s why I started writing this My Style blog. If given the chance, I would have stayed in Old Navy until closing. My mom isn’t like me. She shops for what she needs and leaves. I thought it would be interesting to see her holiday choices compared to mine, if they would be that different. When I think of the holidays, I think of warm sweaters, holiday PJs, a little sparkle, the colour red, and last but not least, accessoires.

Here are my holiday picks (what I would choose to wear) compared to my mom’s picks.

Warm Sweaters

oldnavy sweaters

I love this patterned sweater dress. The white isn’t too dark but the pattern and colours keep it from being boring. I probably wouldn’t wear this as an actual dress (I hate wearing tights) but it would be perfect to wear over jeans or skinny pants. Funny, my mom’s choice, the grey cowl cable-knit tunic sweater, is also a longer style sweater. I actually like her sweater but I prefer a little more colour.

Holiday PJs

oldnavy holiday pjs

I love the idea of getting new PJs for the holidays. In our house we spend a lot of our Christmas in PJs. Why not have a fun pair to enjoy? My choice is the ‘HO HO HO’ flannel pants since they are very Santa and I heart Santa. My mom’s printed flannel lounge pants are still Christmasy but she said the plaid pattern can be worn beyond Christmas. I think my mom is just a fan of plaid.

A Little Sparkle

oldnavy holiday sparkle

Sparkle for many means fancy dresses but I’m not a fancy pants and don’t go to many fancy pants parties. I think that’s why I like these sequined faux-fur lined boots. They remind me of UGGS. I would wear these to school, over to a friend’s house, or just out shopping. I love that I can have sparkle all the time. My mom’s not much of a fancy pants either. I can’t think of the last time I saw her in a dress. Her pick of the sequin-front jersey tank top is something she could wear with dress pants and a jacket for a party.

The Colour Red

Oldnavy holiday red

Red is definately a holiday colour. It makes me think of Santa and wrapping paper. You need a little red in your holiday outfit. I love the knitted look of this cap. My aunt knits and I love all the scarves and mittens she’s made for me. This hat has a bit of a homemade look. My mom’s plan for the holiday is to make cookies, sit around and wach movies and just do nothing. It doesn’t suprise me that her pick is the red knit slippers. I dont blame her, I think I want a pair myself.


oldnavy holiday accessories

Rings. Necklaces. Hair bands. Earrings. Of all the shopping we did, picking accessoires was my favourite. My peirced ears are new to me so I’ve been a little obsessed with earrings lately, just ask my mom. Old Navy has a great selection of accessories, organized by colours and styles. Choosing just one accessory was hard but I did it. These white flower earrings look like snow flowers. They can be fancy to wear with a dress or regular to wear with jeans. And they’re bigger than those boring studs I’ve had to wear for a long time. My mom doesn’t wear earings but she had no problem finding something she liked at Old Navy, this long ring.

old navy holiday shopping

I had a great time holiday shopping with my mom at Old Navy. I can’t believe I talked her into shopping for 3 hours. I picked up some great finds (that sweater dress was on sale when were were shopping) plus now I know what my mom wants for Christmas. Perhaps she’ll see that ring under the tree and maybe I’ll see that cap for boots appear for me.

What’s your favourite thing to wear during the holidays?

O – O

Thanks to Old Navy for the $100 gift card to shop my holiday style.

Sharing is Caring!

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